For the Expecting Mom: Hospital Survival Kit

2 Mar

My Own Road's Hospital Survival Kit: Essentials Mom Will Want but Might Forget

I adore this idea I came across on Pinterest!  I ventured on over to the original link at Jen’s fabulous and crafty blog, My Own Road to check it out.

Ever wonder what to take to the hospital when visiting a mom and baby?  Most people take a sweet gift for the little bundle of joy.  But what about the mom?! She usually gets flowers that will wilt or balloons that will deflate.  Pretty, but what about something a little more useful?  Most moms, new and experienced, take a bag full of necessities to the hospital. (Most take things we’ll never use the first time.  I speak from experience!) There are some items though that I wish I would have taken or had with me the first time.  This is where Jen’s, from My Own Road, nifty gift idea comes in.  Why not take a pretty bag full of thoughtful “survival” items?  Jen also created and provided links for the fun printables (in pink and blue) to attach to the bag.  Here is what Jen suggested go in the bag.

Check out Jen’s post at My Own Road to see the detailed list and get the printables.  I’d also suggest checking out some of her other great ideas while there!

Jen got me thinking.  She asked at the end of her post, what things we might include in a survival kit.  Not only were there several items I have already added to my necessity list for when Kasen comes in June, I am attending a baby shower Saturday for my cousin, Julie, who is expecting her first baby soon. (A girl!) I decided I would see what I had in stock to use as a mock-up, and do this fun post.  Here is what I came up with! 

  1. For the Feet– No one wants to walk around a hospital room or the halls with nothing on their tootsies.  Even in the summer, a nice, cozy pair of slipper socks will keep mom’s feet happy.  And if her feet get hot, a pretty (but inexpensive) pair of flip-flops are a great item to include.  Also great for the mom who doesn’t know how yucky the hospital showers can be. Shower shoes!
  2. Dry Shampoo– For those moms lucky enough to not have oily hair, this item may seem silly.  However, not only do I turn into a greaseball after one day, I couldn’t shower for a couple days due to my c-section.  Dry shampoo allows for easy touch-ups to dingy locks that have been through the mill; at least until mom can indulge in a nice, well-deserved shower!
  3. Photo-Op– There are a ton of great photo ideas floating around out there, especially of newborns.  Some moms may not know where to begin capturing those memories and some may forget in the middle of the chaos that is the first couple days.  Including a list of suggested and important photos to capture is a great way to remind mom and dad to treasure those first moments.  It all gets hazy too quick!
  4. For the Tender Tush– Labor is painful, and hospital toilet paper is closer to sandpaper than cotton.  I promise you that mom will be grateful to have some softer tp to treat those tender areas with care.  Wet wipes are an extra luxury and help mom feel pampered and clean!
  5. For the Nose & Tears– Just like the hospital toilet paper could sand some furniture improvements, the tissues provided are equally as soft. (What are we paying all that money for again? Oh, a baby!)  Everyone in the room will appreciate having some extra softness around to catch all those tears of joy.  Whether you go pretty or plain, a couple packs of travel tissues are way softer and very thoughtful.
  6. For the Memories– As I mentioned earlier, the first days are crazy chaos and a blur often.  Between lack of sleep, recovery, and a barrage of well-wishers, it is easy to forget the moments we want to remember most.  Having a small journal or notebook on hand is a simple way for mom (and dad) to be able to record those moments they will cherish later.  Encourage them to write a few sentences about how they feel, who visits, nurses names, doctor notes, etc.  Dad can dictate if necessary.  And include a pretty pen!
  7. Giving Thanks– One thing I learned the first time around, be nice to the nurses and they will treat you like a princess!  Giving mom some simple thank you notes not only allows her to express her thanks to her nurses, she can write down the names of who visits and what they bring, maybe even getting a few notes finished.  Oh, and a bag of candy, like Hershey Kisses or the like, is also a favorite way to suck up thank the nurses! My mom and I had a couple bags of candy and we had a steady stream of attentive nurses that checked on me and Micah and grabbed a handful of sweets!
  8. For the Hands– What could be better than yummy-smelling lotion for mom to indulge in?  After hours of labor, a purse-sized lotion will be a welcome treat that will not only help mom feel human again, but make sure she has soft hands to hold that baby-soft newborn.  A fun nail  file (double-sided, with emery and buff sides) can come in handy.  I promise that mom will snag or break a nail, and wish she had a file on hand.  (Here you are a hero!) Plus, if baby’s nails are a bit sharp (usually they haven’t grown up past the finger yet) mom can gently file them down instead of biting (NO!) or worrying about clipping them.
  9. For the Bling– OK. This is not an essential, technically.  Some moms don’t like sparkly stuff.  I do!  How fun would it be to bestow a sparkly, glittering ring on mom’s finger?  You are advised to leave your jewelry at home so it’s not stolen or lost. (You can’t wear it during labor.) Whether mom has a boy or a girl, there are a ton of fun, inexpensive rings out there to choose from.  Get one with a stretchy band for swollen fingers.
  10. For the Hair– A colorful, comfortable headband can come in really handy.  I actually picked out the turquoise, lime green, brown, and white polka-dot headband for my labor experience last time. (It was a big help!) Not only can a headband help mom’s locks stay out of the way during labor, it is easy hair maintenance for the days after, and helps mom feel pretty.  Whether funky, sparkly, elegant, or simple, make sure the headband seems comfortable.  I think fabric headbands are best, and I’d say nix on any with pokey teeth.

I had fun thinking about the things I wish I would have had with me, or gifted to me the last time I gave birth!  I also had an idea to make the organization of these items a bit easier for the expectant mom.

  I had this extra tote available.  You could use a large cosmetic bag, fun canvas organizer, or even basket.  Get creative!  The key is easy accessibility and organization.  Something the expectant mom can keep close at hand on that narrow, rolling table.  Something dad can easily and quickly find the lip balm in!

I cut tissue paper to fit inside the tote for some flair, and applied with glue

I added ribbon, a flower, and decorative ribbon sticker to the handle. The pink ribbon and flower were applied with glue.

I used a Sharpie and some glitter stickers I had lying around to glam the front up, and make sure everyone knows whose goodies are inside.

I’m sure with some more time, materials, and creativity, you can make something much prettier than my creation.  I was working with limited resources, artistic ability, and in between putting Micah to bed.  So be nice!

All loaded with goodies for the expectant mom! I rolled the photo list and secured it with a fun hair scrunchy and ponytail elastics.

All ready to slip into a sack (with Jen's printables) for the expectant mom to enjoy! Don't forget to include some snacks and the toilet paper. Top off with pretty paper!

I am excited to go pick out some items to create Julie’s survival kit, and can’t wait to see her face at the baby shower Saturday!

Do you know an expecting momma who would love a hospital survival kit?  Is there something special you would include?  I’d love to hear your ideas!

This is my second take on the Survival Kit that I made for my cousin. You can check out the post here:

Check out the new kit and a few other pretty projects here!


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11 Responses to “For the Expecting Mom: Hospital Survival Kit”

  1. Jaime March 2, 2012 at 12:26 pm #

    I love it! I would of love to get something like this while I was in the hospital!!! It’s a great idea and any new mom would be happy to receive these gifts!!!

    • Heather Tiger March 2, 2012 at 1:25 pm #

      Thanks Jaime!

  2. OKGranniePeg March 2, 2012 at 12:34 pm #

    Wonderful idea, my girl. I did get the hints that were thrown my way and I will try not to disappoint Let me know the cost for the gift. Take a picture of the finished product so we can enjoy it.

    • Heather Tiger March 2, 2012 at 1:24 pm #

      LOL! I wasn’t hinting at a gift for me.. I obviously have all these items to take! I was meaning the gift for Julie though, and I will take pictures.

  3. Jen March 3, 2012 at 11:39 am #

    Great additions! I love that you used a tote to carry everything too 🙂

    • Heather Tiger March 3, 2012 at 10:53 pm #

      Thank you! And thank you for the original idea!

  4. Sonia March 4, 2012 at 10:48 am #

    People like you are great and well needed for people like me. I do good when I get an idea spelled out and then can just go out and do it. God somehow helps me put my own creative touch on it as well. Thanks for being so thoughtful and creative so those of us who aren’t can have a starting point:).

    • Heather Tiger March 4, 2012 at 6:13 pm #

      well thank you! I appreciate your sweet words of encouragement. Of course I can’t take all the credit; Jen was the original survivalist!

  5. ellencrawf0rd March 9, 2012 at 12:33 pm #

    Such a great post! My mom brought me fancy lotions and chocolate when my daughter was born and I could not have been happier! I think new moms deserve a thoughtful gift after giving birth!

    • Heather Tiger March 10, 2012 at 2:56 pm #

      Thank you! I totally agree with you! I’ve asked the hubs for a edible arrangement instead of flowers this time!


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