30 Days of a Thankful Heart {Day 24} Boomer, Baptisms, and Blessings

25 Nov

The past few days have been a fantastic blur of family, friends, and some awesome bedlam football.  I am so incredibly grateful to be able to be close to family.

Our sweet baby boy, Kasen, has also been sick the past couple days and that has made for a very tired mommy and daddy.

I think we kinda look like the walking dead a bit, but The Hubs looks wayyy better on less sleep than me.  Life is so unfair sometimes.  Eh, whatcha gonna do?

I guess I am going to attempt to get some beauty rest before the wee one wakes, which should be in less than 3 hrs if sick patterns hold.

So, in order to get my tired behind to bed and keep up with the thankful posts, here is a quick list of what I am grateful for today. 1) The best Bedlam football game I can remember.  OU Sooners pulled out a win over the OSU Cowboys, and I secured bragging rights for the year in the Tiger house.  I also get to dress the boys in Sooner gear for next year’s game.  Boomer Sooner baby!

My littlest man all geared up for the game. Boomer baby

2) Kasen is getting baptized in the morning! I am already tearing up at the thought of my wonderful father-in-law pouring the water over Kasen’s sweet head as he prays a blessing and lifts him up to the Lord.  I am also crazy excited to see Kasen in his new outfit, specially made for the baptism.  Super cute!

The Front of the Cross Cardi

The back of Kasen Cross Tiger’s Baptism outfit
Made by Ella Reu Designs (Find them on Facebook)














3) I am so blessed to have amazing in-laws.  Not only is The Hub’s dad preaching and baptizing tomorrow, he and his lovely wife, Priscilla, came early to spend time with us and the kids.  They played and prepped.  Priscilla whipped up some game day dip and then cooked delicious chicken and dumpling noodles, and proceeded to clean my not so tidy kitchen. (EEK) Did I mention that she did most of this while Micah “helped” her, hung on her, and basically shadowed her? Yeah, awesome!  She is a huge blessing for all she does of course, but also for her sweet spirit, prayer warrior dedication, and constant encouraging words. I couldn’t ask for better in-laws!  I also realized we hadn’t taken recent pictures of them with the boys, so we will be doing that for sure at church tomorrow!

I hope you all had an amazing Thanksgiving.  What was your favorite part?

Get some rest and eat something yummy, like turkey tetrazinni.

Anyone have any great leftover recipes?


One Response to “30 Days of a Thankful Heart {Day 24} Boomer, Baptisms, and Blessings”

  1. lifethroughmyeyes November 26, 2012 at 12:18 am #

    I’m so glad you love the cardigan, Heather! Can’t wait to see pics of your little man wearing it 🙂

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