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St. Patty’s Day Poem, er Limerick

17 Mar

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!!!

I heard some commotion coming from the back of the house.  I thought it might be leprechauns trying to scurry off with my wee lad.  I went to investigate:

This is what I discovered! His eyes are twinkling with mischief..

Micah and Aaron were playing fort, but obliged a few snapshots…

Getting a grin and displaying his art

This is the real Micah!

My friend, Leanne Penny, is inspiring clean limericks over on her blog today!

Check her rhymes and great writing here at leannepenny.com

Here was my contribution:

My Wee Hunk
There once was a lad with such spunk
Whose joy could dispel quite the funk
His smile was so bright
His kisses a delight,
All the lasses declared him a hunk!

Happy St. Patty’s Day!  Have some fun!


Mommy Moment Mondays

10 May

I was greeted in bed on Mother’s Day with two things; a hungry baby boy and that same hungry boy holding a big, purple envelope.  Pretty nice way to start any day.  As I nursed Micah, I opened my card, greeted with a cute Disney trio, bright and colorful.  It brought a smile to my face, but not nearly as big as the smile Micah had.  His tiny hand reached up to grab the card as he laughed, apparently finding Mickey and Donald highly amusing.  Talk about a sweet gift!  He had even made a few squiggle marks on the card to ‘sign’ it.  Glad I have such a thoughtful husband!

After I woke up from a nice little late morning snooze, I wondered out to the living room and found my sweet husband unloading a scrumptious brunch from Cracker Barrel.  I asked Aaron to move a tv tray for me to eat on, but all I got in return was a smirk.  Really?  On Mother’s Day?  It’s not like I asked him to carry me to the tray.  So I asked again, a bit of exasperation in my tone.  When he continued to smirk at me even as he made his way over, I about threw a syrup bottle at him, until I realized what the cause of the smirk was.  Sitting right next to the tray was my present!

I blame bleariness from my late morning.  In my defense, the gift wasn’t wrapped, and it blended in with the couch perfectly.  Let’s just say I had humble pie with my french toast!  It’s nice to start the day with some laughter at my own expense.  I guess it’s a good lesson to teach Micah later.  I’ll mark it down in the Mommy mistake files.

The rest of the day was relaxing, as Aaron took the lead with Micah.  I got to love on my boys and take some time for myself; pretty great.  Flowers were delivered later from Micah (with my mom’s help), and I got a very sweet card, book, and gift card from my mother-in-law.  I’d say my first Mother’s Day was pretty memorable; though I think the smiles, smirks, hugs, and kisses may be the things I remember most.