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30 Days of a Thankful Heart {Day 30} The Greatest Gift of All

1 Dec

I was reading to Micah last night prior to our bedtime routine, in an attempt to settle his wild soul down.  So, of course we were reading, “Where the Wild Things Are.”  It was adorable to hear him repeat Max’s phrases, “Be Still!” and “Let the wild rumpus start.”

And as I sat tonight trying to settle my soul into this special season that is upon us, it instead felt like the world declaring, “Let the wild rumpus start!”

For many, the rumpus of the Christmas season began the very night we give thanks for all we have.  What better way to reflect on our abundance of blessings than to rush out and get more, right?  I don’t have a problem with those wanting to get a jump on giving and save while doing it, but the retailers pushing it earlier and earlier is just ridiculous.  I just avoid it all together!  Was the Dollar Tree even running a Black Friday special?  That’s where my DIY gifts will hail from!

We are in a consumer society that teaches us to want more, need more, and be satisfied with none.  Trying to teach little ones what Christmas really means is tough.

I am all for passing on Christmas traditions from childhood, Santa, gift giving, and The Grinch.

But I am all about the greatest and first Christmas gift, Christ.

To be cliche, He is the reason for the season, in this heart and hearth, and I hope in yours.  There is nothing better to give or to get than the FREE gift of God’s grace, wrapped beautifully in swaddling clothes, and delivered in the humble form of His son, Jesus Christ.

But I’ve been struggling on how best to deliver this message to my children’s hearts (and ours) without robbing them of simple, fun Christmas magic and joy that comes in many commercial forms ….

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For the Expecting Mom: Hospital Survival Kit

2 Mar

My Own Road's Hospital Survival Kit: Essentials Mom Will Want but Might Forget

I adore this idea I came across on Pinterest!  I ventured on over to the original link at Jen’s fabulous and crafty blog, My Own Road to check it out.

Ever wonder what to take to the hospital when visiting a mom and baby?  Most people take a sweet gift for the little bundle of joy.  But what about the mom?! She usually gets flowers that will wilt or balloons that will deflate.  Pretty, but what about something a little more useful?  Most moms, new and experienced, take a bag full of necessities to the hospital. (Most take things we’ll never use the first time.  I speak from experience!) There are some items though that I wish I would have taken or had with me the first time.  This is where Jen’s, from My Own Road, nifty gift idea comes in.  Why not take a pretty bag full of thoughtful “survival” items?  Jen also created and provided links for the fun printables (in pink and blue) to attach to the bag.  Here is what Jen suggested go in the bag.

Check out Jen’s post at My Own Road to see the detailed list and get the printables.  I’d also suggest checking out some of her other great ideas while there!

Jen got me thinking.  She asked at the end of her post, what things we might include in a survival kit.  Not only were there several items I have already added to my necessity list for when Kasen comes in June, I am attending a baby shower Saturday for my cousin, Julie, who is expecting her first baby soon. (A girl!) I decided I would see what I had in stock to use as a mock-up, and do this fun post.  Here is what I came up with!  Continue reading

Simple Gestures

15 Feb

Valentine’s Day at our house was a pretty quiet affair for most of the day.  Partly because I was away in Tulsa picking Micah up from an extended weekend trip to his Grams’ house, and partly because Aaron and I had decided to save money and skip gifts and cards this year for one another.  Whenever we go this route on V-Day, as we have a few times, I always find myself torn between saving that money and my desire to give.

I love to give gifts.  Don’t get me wrong, I love to receive them as well, but giving always brings me great joy.  Seeing someone’s face light up when they open the perfectly selected gift, especially if it is an unexpected one, is just one of my favorite moments to experience in life.  I’ve said many times to Aaron that I wish we had more money so we could give more away, in both monetary and gift form.  However, having a child has changed my perspective a bit on gifts.

How many of us have seen the ornaments, framed items, and other keepsakes bearing our tiny hand and footprints that our parents and grandparents have lovingly held onto all these years?  I have, and I have even been given a few to hang on our Christmas tree as heirlooms.  Most of these items are cheap, but they are cherished.  I know I absolutely love the hand-print turkey Micah made that is still adorning our fridge in the middle of February, in all its toddler splendor.  I helped Micah make some paintings on small canvases for the grandparents this previous Christmas at a cost of about $5 each and I’m pretty sure they are loved quite a bit.

What is it about these simple, inexpensive, often free gifts that make them worth keeping?  The thought behind the gift.  It’s the love, effort, and thoughtfulness that make them special, and it is the fact that they come from people we love that make them worth holding on to.

So back to Valentine’s Day 2012 at the Tiger house…. Micah and I had made it back home after a nice day of visiting Mima and we managed to beat Aaron home.  He had decided to run some errands in the “big” town, which almost always has to include a trip to Walmart to get essential items when you live in a town sans Walmart.  This time it was dinner, water, and prenatal pills (what a guy!)

Side Note: I had also made a trip to Walmart while in Broken Arrow that morning to get a small box of chocolates for my mom. A thanks for watching the in-to-everything toddler so we could do some major organizing at home.  I debated on whether or not to splurge and get Aaron a card and some chocolates at least.  I stuck to our agreement though and came home empty handed, apart from a re-acquired child.

Once home, Micah got to open his present from Aaron’s parents, which resulted in his lovely Valentine picture that went out via text to all the “ladies” in his life.

Micah was very excited to see his daddy and greeted him at the front door, and then went outside to “help” carry in some groceries.  On his return trip he was carrying one single, long-stemmed red rose which he happily handed to me saying, “Here, for Mommy.”

A simple, inexpensive gift given from the man I love, brought to me by the sweetest love of my heart.  For me, it was more than enough.

I guess I’ll forgive him for breaking our deal!

What simple gifts have you given lately?