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Seeing Hope: Day 17: Lent Journey

12 Mar



“Guide me in your truth and teach me, for you are God my Savior, and my hope is in you all day long.”

Psalm 25:5 (NIV)

Sunday was a very busy, very long day for the hubs and I.  Sunday mornings are not a quiet, restful peaceful time.  It’s time for us to be up, kicked in gear, and ready to serve the church we have been appointed to.

I had absolutely no desire to do that yesterday.  Not only did we lose an hour of sleep, I had to get up early to finish my strawberry chocolate cake for the dessert auction to be held after church.  I knew the day would not conclude for us until well 8pm, since we not only had church, but a fellowship lunch, auction, council meeting, and small group.

I was cranky, tired, grumbly, and almost in my 3rd trimester.  I was in no mood to put on my happy face and be a pastor’s wife, in other words.  I told the hubs this.  Verbatim: “I have nooooo desire to do any of this today.  I wish I was still feeling nauseous so I had a reason to sleep.  Do I have to?” (Seriously, I am not a morning person.)  He looked at me, and in a bit too chipper of a voice said, “That’s exactly why you should go.  Because you don’t want to.  It’ll be good for you.  Besides, I am preaching on angry hearts.” WHAT?  My heart was not angry….just sleepy and grumpy, and maybe a little sneezy, as I am getting over a sinus infection. Did I mention it was also raining?  Yay….

Despite my pouting, I got up and began to get ready.  As I was gathering the ingredients to finish putting the cake together, I realized I had no way to actually transport said cake to the church once constructed.  GREAT!!  Don’t ask me why I didn’t think of this sooner.  Probably because I normally don’t bake cakes, and when I do, they are flat and square.  I have containers for those cakes, but not for a pretty, round, two-tiered confection.  I figured I could not drive to the church with a cake in my lap (baby belly in the way), and I was too worried it would slip off the plate or seat of my car, my only option was to get ready quickly and finish the cake at the church.  Okay…no problem.

After showering, getting dressed, and quickly throwing my damp hair into some sort of styled, braided, thing (not Pinterest worthy for sure!), I almost left the house without the cake and ingredients.  Seriously.  I grab the bag of goodies, debate grabbing some knives for slicing and cutting, decide not to carry sharp weapons in the car, and I head to the church. I had an hour until the service started. Continue reading