What Would You Do Wednesdays

It is the middle of the week, and that means you either view the week as almost over or only halfway through; the proverbial half-glass.  I tend to vacillate between the two mindsets.  I guess it depends on how the week is going.  Well, the middle of the week for daily blogs is time for a mini-break.  A half-day, if you will.

I’m going to be looking to my readers, (especially those few who read daily), to help me out on Wednesdays.  I will search my life, the internet, news, and my friend’s lives to find a discussion worthy question, asking, what you would do.  Simple, right.  I guess I can approach this one of two ways, it will take off, or it won’t.  Here’s to being an optimist!

Thanks for your input ~Heather

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