Ten Things Tuesdays

I like lists.  I like making lists, especially with good old pen and paper.  I bet if I looked in my purse there would be at least 2 lists waiting to be a) done or b) thrown away.  I have lots of lists.  To-do lists, grocery lists, needs lists, packing lists, wants lists, books lists, movie lists, music lists……. I could keep going, but I think you get the idea.

Lists are the easiest way for me to feel organized and in control.  Being able to check items off the list gives me instant gratification and a sense of accomplishment, even if it is emptying the dishwasher!  Lists give a messy, busy, cluttered life a little structure and sanity.  Lists are good.

Tuesdays will be a glimpse into my litany of lists and other ten things that I feel warrant listing.  Here’s to lists and keeping life in line!

Love the List

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