Song for Saturday

Music is in everything

Music definitely makes my world go round.  I often imagine that just like a movie, there is a soundtrack accompanying my life, swelling at just the right moments.  Music has the power to connect when mere words cannot.  It can convey an entire story within its measures.  Whether a song includes words or is simply instrumental, the music makes a point and moves you; sometimes fast and sometimes slow.  Basically, music rocks!

I have very eclectic taste in music.  I grew up listening to many genres: country, classic rock, 70’s, 80’s, big band, oldies, pop, alternative, r&b, rap, jazz, classical, folk, metal, and gospel.  That was all while I was in high school.  During college I went through an intense techno, indie, and folk only phase.  I still enjoy those three greatly, but have made room in my music repertoire for my first loves as well as some newbies.

As I reconnected and grew in my relationship with Christ, this reflected in my music tastes.  These days my radio is usually tuned exclusively to Air 1, (though my Ipod is crammed full of artists from Poison to Jewel, and everything in between.)  I listened to old school Amy Grant growing up and enjoyed it, but today’s Christian artists have come a long way.  The proof is in the number of songs that have been or are being used in pop culture media today.  While not everyone accepts the truth of the message, the music is undeniably good.

For my final weekly blog offering I thought I would close the week with a song.  Seems kind of appropriate; an ending number, if you will.  Again, these posts, just like with the movie posts, are not intended to be a serious critique.  I merely desire to share some of my favorite songs that inspire me, move me, make me laugh, cry, or dance, and make me think.  As always, your input is welcome and desired!

Enjoy the melody that is life~ Heather

Note: I am doing two posts on Saturdays so I am free to enjoy worship and Sabbath on Sundays!

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