Pretty in Pink Projects

5 Mar

I was finally pinned on Pinterest!  Check that one of the ole bucket list! (Seriously, it was on a list; I set my sights high!) After being inspired by a project I saw on Pinterest, I decided to put my own spin on it.  You can see my original post and first take on the Expectant Mom’s Hospital Survival Kit here. Below you will find my latest take on the kit, plus some additional additional fun, simple, and pretty DIY projects.

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Now for some pretty, pink fun….

Expectant Mom’s Hospital Survival Kit

Need a thoughtful gift to take to a friend or family member that just gave or is giving birth?  Instead of flowers, candy, or balloons, why not take a pretty bag full of thoughtful “survival” items? And the best part is they are stocked in a handy organizer that keeps things tidy and right at hand.

I used: Plastic tote ($3 @ Hobby Lobby), Felt Daisies, Stencils, Paint Pens, Acrylic Jewels, Paisley Ribbon, and Sheets of Duck Tape (Love that stuff!)

First, I lined the bottom of the compartments with the Duct Tape for a bit of grip and just a pretty, fun surprise when you look inside. Then I wrapped the handle, tightly with the ribbon, and used my hot glue gun to secure the ends.  Make sure you have a lighter on hand to seal the edges of the ribbon so it doesn’t fray.  My third step was using the stencil to add the flowers to each side of the handle. (I am not artistic, so I need stencils, you may be able to free-hand draw better!)  The paint pens will run if you apply too heavily, so use a light hand and let dry before moving on.

Next, I worked on the design for the front of the tote.  You could personalize it with the mom’s name.  I chose to go with Mom on this one because it was for my cousin who will be a mom for the first time, so identifying it as “Mom’s” seemed more special. I had to go over the fleur-de-lis 3 times because it thins out on the slick surface.  Give plenty of dry time (at least 15 min.)  I applied the two jewels using a glue (E-6000).

The felt daisies went on next, and were self-adhesive. Easy peasy.  My cousin is a young mom, having a girl, so I wanted to keep it more whimsical and playful than chic.  Part of the fun is designing the kit with the mom’s style in mind.  What would make them smile?

The finished and overflowing survival kit!  I have a descriptive list of the items from my first kit here.  I also included some additional items: Hand sanitizer (smells better than the hospital provided brand), travel loofah and shower gel, Colgate Wisps to freshen breath and “brush” teeth when mom can’t make it to bathroom, sparkling grape juice to celebrate the birth day! (The soft, cozy socks are hidden.  They have grippers so there’s no slipping when moving about.  Kashi granola bars (yum), toilet paper, make-up wipes, dry shampoo.)

*Remember, this is an extras kit.  Most moms (especially first timers) will have the necessities like hygiene items, clothes, baby items, etc. If you are in doubt of what they might need, call the husband, mom, or grandma (someone at hospital), and ask what they need!) These items will also come in handy the first days at home.  I also would include a list describing the items suggested uses (see here for mine), because you will get a strange look about the toilet paper!

I used the adorable label and round tag (with cute feet) that I downloaded and printed from the blog, My Own Road. Jen was the original creator and my inspiration.  Stop by her post to download the printables in pink and blue.

Added the fun little “Welcome Baby” sign as a tiny gift the mom can take home and display. (It was .50 on clearance!) I think most moms will go gaga over this gift, especially when delivered in such pretty packaging!


Did anyone notice the fun headband and bracelet that were a part of the kit? I made them!

Well, I made them prettier!

DIY Headband

I started with a basic black fabric headband (Walmart craft section), & picked out my ribbon and accessories (Walmart craft section again.) I used E-6000 super strong adhesive glue to adhere the ribbon to the headband.  Again, make sure you use a lighter to seal the ends of the ribbon to prevent fraying!  The glue is clear and dries clear, but a little goes a long way, so use sparingly.

I applied the light pink applique flowers with my hot glue gun to the top. The hot pink flowers went on each end at the bottom of the ribbon for balance and to help hide the unfinished look. (Because the hot pink flowers were near the end of the headband, where it will sit behind the ears, I made sure it would be comfortable.) This headband was for a mom during labor and after, so there couldn’t be enough sparkle to make her feel pretty!

I wanted to keep this for myself!  (I didn’t, but I think I’ll have to re-do one of my own.)


Personalized DIY Cross & Rubber Bracelet

I started with a plain wooden cross from Hobby Lobby, and a rubber LOVE bracelet from Walmart.  The bracelet was a replacement item in the survival kit. I could not find a big, sparkly ring on short notice and improvised!  All I did was use my purple paint pen to personalize the bracelet for my cousin.  I put Ashlynn (what they are naming they’re little girl) on both sides of the LOVE as a reminder of who will be claiming mom’s heart that day!

I coated the entire cross, except the back, in the coat of lighter pink using a foam brush and Folk Art craft paint.

Next, I painted the middle section using a shiny, slightly purplish pink craft paint to add a bit of depth. I did two coats of this color.

Finally, I used my paint pen to add the name and word, Blessed to the cross. I also decorated with some dots and a hand-drawn flower at the top. The personalized bracelet.

That is how I spent my Friday evening (into the early morning!) I hope you enjoyed all the pretty pink projects, and I hope you bless someone with a fun gift soon!

I’d love to hear your comments, ideas, and suggestions on how you make these your own!


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