I have been writing poetry since elementary school where I was published in my first anthology.  I’ll try and find a copy of those poems for a good laugh!  I suppose I enjoyed it because it is a passion that has only grown and is usually one of my greatest outlets for the roller-coaster that my emotions like to ride.

I had a dream come true in 2002 when I had my poetry published.  The book was published under my maiden name of Cartwright, as I had just started dating my husband! While I have not seen ‘commercial’ success from this endeavor, it is one of my proudest accomplishments and some of my most personal insights at that time in my life.  It was published through Publish America through a connection of a family member.  While I am glad I was published, I have not been happy with the company and will not even attempt to publish through them again.  Just Google them to find out all the ‘scam’ info.  My book is no longer available for purchase unfortunately; at least not that I can find.

I will be posting some of my poems from the book here, as well as new poetry as I feel the creative wind blow.  I have already posted some poems previously, so you can check those out as well.

For now, I will include an image of my book, and if you are really interested in reading more, let me know, and maybe we can figure something out!

My Poetry Book

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