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Chicken Taco Chili: My version from Pinterest

12 Nov

I took a picture on Instagram yesterday of the crock-pot lunch I had made for Sunday lunch.

It has been a big hit on Facebook and even had a few requests for the recipe (keep reading to find my recipe!)

Well…..I found the idea on Pinterest (where else?), but I actually clicked on the picture and the link didn’t work, though this is what they had listed in the subject line: Continue reading

Lip Smackin’ Hashbrown Casserole

18 Feb

Our church, Trinity UMC, is celebrating its 10 yr. anniversary in May, and like all good churches, we are commemorating the milestone with a cookbook.  Being the pastor’s wife, I had a feeling I would not be excused from contributing.  The problem is that I am not a chef, gourmet cook, or foodie.  Oh, I can cook pretty well and I LOVE food, but I prefer to borrow recipes rather than come up with my own.  Without family, allrecipes.com, and pinterest, we might starve!  (Not really, but you get the idea.)

There are only a handful of recipes I can even begin to claim as my own, and that’s because I have tweaked them from their original state of being.  One of those was my hashbrown casserole.  Good church recipe, right?  I had recently come across another recipe for “Crack Potatoes” from the Plain Chicken website on pinterest and I had the brilliant idea of combining my recipe with some of the crack ingredients.  Tomorrow is the deadline to turn in the recipe (I have been warned) and it is also a church potluck to celebrate our custodian and wonderful lady, Ms. Lucille Edwards.  Lucille has been faithfully serving our church for 50 years as the custodian (she’s a spry 90 yrs young), and God for much longer.  She is a true disciple with a servant’s heart.

Perfect!  I figured I could create my Frankenstein casserole, turn in the recipe, and present a hopefully edible dish for the potluck.  I sent the hubs to the store armed with a list of double the ingredients so I could make a test batch for our dinner.  Here are the results! Continue reading