7th Month Heaven

18 Jul

Dearest Micah,

As I am writing this, you are currently kicking and squirming, and doing flips for all I know, the way my belly is moving!  I appreciate that you have only jabbed me a few times that have been painful, so far.  It is such a strange, but wonderful sensation, to know that you are this precious, growing gift that is living, moving, and even learning inside me. 

I am 7 months pregnant with you and eager for you to be here, but anxious because we have so much to do to prepare for your arrival.  We got the crib up thanks to the Burkharts, Wendells, and your daddy.  I put your mobile together and can’t wait to see you gazing at it before you drift off to sleep.  Your dad says he gets excited everytime he walks by the nursery and sees the mobile!  We’re also picking up the chair tomorrow!  I look forward to the many, many hours I and daddy will spend rocking you in our arms in the chair. 

We have also finally decided on your middle name, but it will remain a secret for now!  I’m trying to decide if I want to put your name up in the nursery with wooden letters, just initials, or nothing.  I wonder what your daddy thinks.  He is at work right now, Saul Good, and hopefully making lots of tips!  He’s been working very hard so we can save money for after you are born, that way we can both take a little time off from work to spend getting to know you and learning to live as a family. 

I think my biggest hope right now is that you continue to grow and develop and stay in your warm little home until you’re officially ‘done!”  You should know that your mother is not very good at waiting for things that than she has to, especially gifts, so let’s just take being late off the table!  Do not follow in my footsteps and be two weeks late and take 36 hrs. to come into the world!  Take a cue from your cousin Bennett and make it a nice, relatively short and easy birth!  Hey, I can hope! 

We are just so excited to meet you and cuddle this little person that has kept us so entertained recently with your acrobatics.  Rest well and try not to get your feet stuck in my ribs!  We love you sweet boy.

One Response to “7th Month Heaven”

  1. aarontiger July 19, 2009 at 11:46 am #

    Aaron likes this. 🙂 I look forward to Micah _ Tiger reading this one day.

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