Life in Motion

7 Jun

I am 22 wks today.  Time is flying by so fast, it’s incredible.  In the past five weeks we have had a 4-d u/s, finding out we are having a boy, gone home to OK for a week, Aaron was commissioned as an Elder in the United Methodist Church (I am so proud, and now officially a minister’s wife), had my first shower, bought a dresser for the nursery, decided on a crib, and decided on a name!  Just a few things.  We have chosen Micah as our little boy’s first name, and Aaron is still deciding on the middle name I like.  It’s such an amazing feeling to call our baby by name, but we feel this is what God has been calling him all along.  He is already so loved. 

Micah at 18 wks

Micah at 18 wks

I have been reading, ‘The Baby Book’, by Dr. Sears and his wife, and I think it is awesome.  If you haven’t gotten a book yet or want to read more, get this book!  It is through age 2, but I think it is better than What to Expect.  More info and easy to read.  I keep getting choked up reading it, just thinking about Micah. Silly hormones!  It’s got some pretty funny remarks too! 

Our next big project is to decide on which room to make into the nursery and then clean it up, paint, and move furniture.  We already have tons of boxes in the garage for a sale and are going to have to add much more to make room for Micah!  On the positive side, we get a headstart on packing for when we move back to Oklahoma in less than a year. 

So many changes, and it is only going to keep changing quicker and quicker.  Micah will be with us in October, Aaron will graduate in May, we will move back to somewhere in Oklahoma at the end of May and jump right back into full-time church life and ministry. 

I have been wanting to write to Micah for awhile now, and journal more, but everytime I start, nothing comes out.  I was beginning to feel so inadequate, especially since Aaron seems to blog as easily as drinking water!  I respect and enjoy his writing so much, but it is sometimes intimidating considering I am supposed to be the writer in the family!  I am so proud of him though, in how he has found such joy in blogging, and how good he is.  Maybe he’ll give me some tips! 

So, to close this ramble, a few words to Micah….

‘Sweet boy, I hope that even in the womb you can feel how incredibly loved you are.  You have been in the hands of God from the very beginning and we feel so blessed that He is placing you in our arms and hearts.  I have been wanting to feel you move more lately, just so I know you are doing well.  At times, Daddy has jokingly told me to stop patting my belly and let you sleep!  You can’t imagine how happy I have been the past couple of days as I have felt your movements grow stronger and more regular.  You even moved more when Daddy read a story to you the other night.  I look forward to seeing you sitting on his lap one night, all snuggled up close, as he reads you your favorite story.  You will have so many wonderful books to choose from after the baby shower we just had.  My favorite was ‘The Pokey Little Puppy’, but you’ll let us know in your own way and time what you love the most.  For now, I am just enjoying falling more in love with you everyday and I can’t wait to see your sweet, probably smiling face in a little over a week as I have another ultrasound.  You’ve smiled everytime so far, so we assume you are a happy baby.  Until then, keep up the gymnastics, sleep soundly, and know you are loved by so many so much more than you can ever imagine.  Goodnight Micah, my sweet boy.  Love, Mommy 

Smiling at 18 wks

Smiling at 18 wks

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  1. Chris June 11, 2009 at 9:47 am #

    That name sounds just right.

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