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Putting Myself in Time Out

22 May

As you may be aware, (for all 3 of my daily readers), I have not been doing my daily blogging this week.  Due to the current hecticness of my life I am forcing myself to place some daily pursuits into a temporary timeout.

We are in the middle of a huge transition right now with our move from Kentucky back to Oklahoma and unfortunately that makes your priorities change a bit for a time. For example, packing is pretty much my top priority after taking care of Micah right now.  FUN, FUN, ,FUN!  We did take a much-needed break Friday evening to enjoy a farewell cook-out our neighbors, Heather, Nathan, and Connor, threw for us.  Great food, company, and finally some good old-fashioned cornhole competition.  Thanks you guys!  (Remember Heather, ice once a week and our friendship will bloom despite the distance!)

Despite having given away, sold, or thrown away boxes upon boxes, and sack after sack of clothing and other STUFF, we still find ourselves surrounded by more stuff to pack.  Did I mention we have had a storage unit 2/3 of the way filled for over a month now, and yet there is more.  Is it breeding when we are sleeping?  That’s my conclusion.

Thankfully my in-laws have graciously stepped up to the plate and are helping with the packing, cleaning, and general fixing-upping of the house.  My MIL is a sight to behold; a packing wunderkind.  After making numerous moves as a pastor’s wife, she has packing locked down.  I swear, for every 2 boxes I pack, she packs 10, and sewed a few blankets, a cornhole bag, and spent some time teaching Micah the art of packing.  It’s a gift!  Glad we are on the receiving end!  My FIL , while being a very gifted Pastor, is also a skilled painter, and our walls are artfully spackled at the moment, just waiting to receive their shiny new coat of paint.  Did I mention he also planted our flowerbed, ran errands, did some packing, and played with his grandson too?  Yep, they are pretty fantastic.  They were here on Thursday, so they are my official Thankful Thursdays award winners!

The other huge item on our plate right now is Aaron’s graduation from seminary Saturday.  It is literally an all-day event, which puts the above mentioned plans on hold!  I am so proud of all the hard-work he has put in these past three years.  Way to go sweetheart!  I have a feeling I might tear up as he walks the stage tomorrow.  A wonderful husband, fantastic father, and now a minister with a Masters of Divinity degree.  He’s quite a catch!

Two final big ticket items on the to-do list:  The Lost finale and saying our farewells.  Both will make me cry and both are ending way too soon.  Maybe the finale will reveal how to discover an alternate timeline or maybe we’ll experience random flashbacks so we don’t have to say goodbye to such wonderful friends.  The screen is getting a little blurry as I am typing…..

Needless to say, there  are a few things keeping me busy right now.  Since I made a commitment to myself and my readers to blog weekly and daily, I just wanted to ask for some grace as the blogging will be spotty for a bit until we get settled in our new house.  I’m going to try and carve out some time, like now, and give some updates and do the dailies when I can, so please check back soon.  Thanks for your understanding!

Keep us in your prayers as we travel and begin this new journey.  I’m excited to see what God has in store along the way.

Pack it in