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Easy Easter Art for Kids

7 Mar

I’ve been eating up simple craft and art ideas lately, tucking them away in my Micah file.  I know they will come in handy when Kasen arrives and I need something easy and quick to divert Micah’s attention and energy.  With Easter just around the corner, there are tons of Easter and Spring crafts floating around.  I saw one on Pinterest recently of a hand-print turned Easter bunny, and I was inspired.

While we include the Easter Bunny, eggs, candy, and all that jazz in our celebration, we also make sure our emphasis is focused on the real reason for Easter; Christ’s resurrection.  So, I thought, how can I put a faith spin on some fun and easy Easter art?  I only had to look as far as my hand!  Micah loves to have his hand traced and has a blast creating art from his handiwork! (Get it?!) =)

Here is what I came up with:

Micah gladly lent me his precious hand to trace and he enjoyed helping “color” with mommy’s paint pens.  (Markers would have been easier, but I could only find the crayola wonder markers!)

I only traced his 3 middle fingers creating the 3 crosses, and the base of his hand for the hill.  We decided the grass covering the dirt was a fun way to show new life springing forth.

Simple, easy to do on a large scale (Sunday School), and a fun craft to remind our kids that Easter is about Christ first!

Given the place of honor on our kid-friendly fridge!

What fun Easter art have you seen floating around?


Lent Me Your Ear for 40 Days: My Lent Challenge

22 Feb

I have a confession. I stink at at maintaining a devotional life. Over the years I have tried numerous books, studies, tricks, tips, rewards, and even deprivations in an attempt to start, maintain and sustain a rich devotional practice. I have FAILED.

As a college student majoring in Youth Ministry then Religion I had some guilt over this particular weakness. As a wife of a seminary student my guilt grew. As a pastor’s wife there is no measurement large enough to quantify my guilt. But more than that, it is the lack of abiding closeness that I am missing most. While my self-esteem may suffer because I am not leading a weekly women’s Bible study and feel like a ministry wife failure, that is nothing compared with what I am missing out on by not meeting daily with God.  I know that needs to change, and change, it’s a comin’ Continue reading