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Shiny New Custom Banner

19 Mar

Did you notice anything new about me…well my blog anyway?

I feel like a kid at Christmas!  I opened my email and saw a new post from my new blogger friend, Ellen Crawford, from Practice Makes Perfect.

She has been working on a custom banner for my blog all last week, and she finished it!  Squeeee!

I LOVE it!

I happened across her creative little corner of the world when I was Googling Photoshop tutorials.  At the time she was in the midst of a series of posts about her learning process with a trial of Photoshop.  She has some really awesome and eye-catching projects on her blog….you should click on over to Practice Makes Perfect and check them out!

One day as I was checking her latest post, I saw that she was playing around with banners and I commented that if she wanted some practice, that my poor blog needed some new life.  I did not think she’d be interested!  She was!  She very kindly created this banner for me with just a few suggestions of what I might like, and she did it for practice!

I feel so grateful and wish I could repay her with something as equally great.

Since I cannot afford to buy her Photoshop, or any other photo editing software, (at this time), I can promote her awesome blog!

So make my day and hers, and stop on by, check out her fun projects at Practice Makes Perfect, and say hello for me!

Thank you again, Ellen, for all your amazing work!

What do you all think of the new banner?