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30 Days of a Thankful Heart {Day 16} Cream-Filled Goodness

17 Nov

I can’t help myself.  With the news of the Hostess demise, I feel compelled to share my thankfulness for the many cream-filled wonders I have consumed.

I have been lol’ing at all the memes floating around Facebook, namely about how well-timed the downfall of Hostess is in relation to the Mayan’s prediction of the end of the world.

It’s hard to imagine a world where my children may never know the joy of a Hostess Cupcake or Twinkie.

When I heard the sad news, I had a few thoughts: Continue reading

America’s Toughest Jobs

15 Sep

When I first saw the previews for America’s Toughest Jobs, one of the newest reality series, my curiosity was peaked.  Out of all the reality shows one can choose from, this seemed to have a bit more quality than some. 

The previews show them panning for gold, driving monster trucks, participating in a rodeo, lumberjacking, and a number of other hands-on, blue-collar occupations that do require a good amount of skill, strength, endurance, and nerve.

So as I am watching the show, a whole 15 minutes into it, I’m already about to turn it off.  I guess I shouldn’t have expected quality, but the egos alone are enough to make me sick.  I know the producers have to create drama, but sometimes I wonder if someone had to learn about Americans by watching our reality shows, how would they describe us?  Continue reading

Tears From Heather

2 Jul

Yes, the title of this post is supposed to sound familiar.  I ripped it straight from one of the greatest songs of all time, Eric Clapton’s Tears in Heaven. 

Aaron and I were catching up on our DVR’d shows and while watching Nashville Star, I went to Youtube to have Aaron hear the original version of, I’ll Still Be Loving You, which the contestant group Pearl Heart attempted to perform.  While contently listening to the correct version of the song I saw that numerous Clapton videos were cross-listed.  My fingers instinctively clicked on Tears. Continue reading

Fashion Me a Break: Rachael Ray’s Scarf vs. Malkin’s Slant

28 May

I’ll admit it:  I love Rachael Ray, nonsense words and all.  She’s got a lot going for her between at least two Food Network shows, a magazine, morning talk-show, cook-ware line, Dunkin’ Donuts ads, and remaining one of the most genuine, real women out there in the Hollywood and fashion, size 2 now equals fat, world.  Plus, I really enjoy saying EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil) as fast as I can. 

So, why do I feel the need to rant a bit?  Well, I was scanning the headlines on Yahoo!, and I saw that Dunkin’ Donuts was pulling an ad featuring Rachael Ray (their current spokesperson) and a scarf.  Oh My!

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Meet Kevin Johnson (Lost episode 4.8) He was Lost, but now is Found! (updated)

19 Mar

It is late, but I want to leave the night asking a few questions concerning the upcoming episode of LOST on ABC.  Meet Kevin Johnson, will be a Michael, yes that Michael, centric episode for those who did not watch last week or who have not seen a preview.  We now know the Oceanic 6 and were left stunned after last week’s shocking twist.  I don’t want to completely ruin it for those who aren’t caught up, so if you are not: Either Close Your Eyes, or STOP READING!

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