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30 Days of a Thankful Heart {Day 10} More Time

11 Nov

It’s 10:30 Saturday night.

I planned on getting so many things done today.

Then it took me TWO hours to fall asleep, I was on night-shift with Kasen, and didn’t actually get some sleep until after 5am! So my day didn’t start until 10:30.

Not what I had in mind.  I guess I should have gotten up and done something when I couldn’t sleep at 2am.  Meh.  Nope, I lay in bed, trying to clear my head and let slumber sweep me away.

10:30 and way behind, so I did a quick, condensed work-out in the bedroom, freshened up (yep, no shower to save time), threw on a hat and some make-up, and gathered some DVD’s that were overdue at the library.  EEK!  I then begged Micah to go on a Mommy/Son date with me; library, McDonald’s, Walmart.  Who wouldn’t want to go?  My 3 year-old son, that’s who.  He told me no.  He wanted to stay home with daddy.  I begged/bribed a few more times.  No dice.  I left.

I received a phone call about two minutes later, just as I was pulling up on the library (small town folks).  Micah sweetly asked me to come back home and get him.  Daddy must have guilt-tripped our little monkey. Continue reading

Picking My NCAA Tournament Bracket: From the Heart Take Two

17 Mar

Here we are again and it’s time to get down to business.  My taxes are filed and I’m getting money from the gov’t and giving some to the state, so if not that madness, it must be  March Madness.  Now a reminder, I am not an expert on college basketball, although sometimes I’m pretty sure if I screamed my advice like Dukey V, no one would know the difference.   I know the game of basketball and I can hold a decent conversation about who’s who in college basketball (much more than the average woman), but I don’t follow it like I do college football; now that’s a topic I could get passionate about, although I am still licking my wounds from the National Championship letdown, but I’m Sooner born and Sooner bred, and when I die, I’ll be Sooner dead!    The loss caused me to lose some desire to follow the basketball season closely, even as OU has had an incredible season, led by Blake Griffin.  I blame it on being in KY, surrounded by crazed SEC fans who think no other conference is worthy.   However, as I have my own personal sportscaster living with me, whose own blog on the bracket is skyrocketing, I can’t pass through March bracket free.  I went to the living room this morning where  Aaron, the sports Fanatic, had lovingly placed a blank bracket on my computer.  I caught Sportscenter and I’m sure I’ll get an update via AaronCenter later.  His phone is on overdrive beeping and vibrating at least 5-10 times an hour for some sports-related update, from the 49ers to the OSU Cowboys.  I think he got a personal alert when Kurt Warner had a meeting with Mike Singletary last month.   I’m pretty sure Aaron has renewed his subscription to Courts of Gold to supplement his sports updates he’ll receive in heaven; I bet God is one heck of an announcer, and if we think Reiley knows how to write a closing sentence, imagine what God can do with sentences 1-7.

After reading Aaron’s latest NCAA post update, I once again was inspired and challenged to pick my bracket, post it, and do it all in my own style, from the heart.  And, since I am a mother-to-be this year, I am sure hormones and a growing maternal instinct will play a role, at least a little.  Aaron suggests in his bracket tips to balance head and heart when picking, which while wise and safe, just seemed to shout, ‘Challenge!’  I like heart, passion, stubbornness, ridiculous reasoning, and I wanted to have some fun.  My decision: Pick my bracket using heart reasoning and women’s intuition only.  I believe in miracles, and Scripture does say that the greatest is Love, followed by faith and hope.  Seems like a good package to me.  As the Angels in the Outfield mantra goes, “It could happen.” So here we go; won’t it be sweet if my lovely bracket outlasts Aaron’s sensible, researched, scrutinized one?!  Again, I stress, “It Could Happen!”  I’ve included a copy of my bracket with reasoning for each region’s opening round, followed by select highlights all the way to: One Shining Moment.  Enjoy. Continue reading