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Quebec Sinkhole: WWYDW

12 May

My mouth was wide open in shock when the tragic scene from Saint-Jude, Quebec flashed across the late news.  It’s the stuff of science fiction; the Earth opening up and swallowing homes whole.  My prayers go out to the community and family members of the Prefontaines who lost their lives.  News articles say they were watching a hockey game when their world literally fell out from underneath them.  The only bright spot is that one of their dogs, Foxy, miraculously survived and was found in the mud, tied to a tree.  I hope she finds a good home, on solid ground.

This horrible accident, along with the arrival if tornado season in my home state of Oklahoma, got me thinking about what I would want to survive a catastrophe.  Obviously I would want my family and friends to survive; I was thinking more along the lines of what I would grab if I had time to grab anything other than Micah, Aaron, and Beau.

I used to think that I would grab pictures, but with so many online now, I don’t know if I would.  I think my computer would be up there since there is a lot of life on it.  I would try and grab my purse with my cell in it and Micah’s diaper bag.  I think the only memory items I would want to grab would be Micah’s baby book, our wedding albums (they are the only copies), our wedding license and birth certificates, and if I could I would grab the album with Micah’s sonograms in it.  But even all the irreplaceable pictures would mean nothing if there weren’t new memories to make with the same people.  If reaching for something material meant losing someone of immeasurable worth, then I would let it all go.  It’s funny how those things we can’t live without mean so little when compared to the people who make life worth living.  I am grateful for the good things in my life, but I thank God for the ones I get to share my life with.  So I guess the most important things, I already carry with me.

What would you reach for if disaster was imminent?

When Disaster Strikes

What Would You Do Wednesdays

5 May

What would you do with unwanted tenants?

We had to evict some unwanted tenants the other day.  It was a little unnerving; it was four baby birds.  Their parents had made the unfortunate decision to take up residence in our dryer vent.  I suppose they thought it would be warm, safe, and, well, dry.  We don’t know how long they had been there, though I think I heard tweets early in the year, but I thought they were nesting in the attic.  The feathered squatters were discovered when I opened our dryer to remove freshly laundered clothes and instead I was nearly knocked over by the stench wafting out.  I first thought something had not dried and mildewed somehow, but the clothes were all dry, but they smelled anything but clean.  After making a quick phone call to a friend, Aaron checked the outside of the dryer vent and what did he hear?  Yes, the little chirps of baby birds.  Thus the dilemma.  Do we remove the unwanted trespassers?  It’s not their fault their parents didn’t locate more appropriate real estate.  What if they die because the parents won’t take care of them once removed?  We did not want one of our last acts at this house end in dead baby birds.  That is just sad.  Of course that means we turned to facebook and twitter for advice, and also animal control.  Verdict:  we had to remove the birds and nest if we wanted to use our dryer again.  Well, we need to use it with a 7 month old.  We don’t have the funds or time to spend at a laundrymat, nor do I want to lug Micah with me and hear him fuss the whole time.  So the birdies must come out.

Here is the adventure that ensued and we ended up sharing with some neighbors, one of which kindly removed the babies when my tender-hearted husband could not.  Thanks to Lionel for doing the dirty work.  Just so you are assured; No baby birds were harmed in the making of this film or their actual removal, and they are still alive.  We believe the parents are tending them, and they moved them from the box on our deck to under the deck by our foundation.

So, what would you do?