30 Days of a Thankful Heart {Days 19-23} Cousins

21 Nov

I’m cheating a bit this week by not posting every day, but it’s been a busy week and will just get busier with Thanksgiving on the way.  Hopefully I can get a little grace from you dear readers?!

When I started thinking about what I was grateful for this week, I was overwhelmed by the abundance of blessings in my life.

The boys and I took a quick day-trip in to Broken Arrow on Monday to visit family who arrived in town for Thanksgiving.  It was a wonderful day filled with lots of laughter, good food, and great company.  And it was a mere preview of what Thursday and Friday will bring.

This was one of the many reasons for laughter. Kasen was styling in the stache

I have a HUGE family, and so many people I am incredibly thankful for.  So, instead of doing a post for individuals (not enough days, what if I leave someone out?!) I am going to try and sum up the joy that my family brings to my life, specifically, cousins.  My family is so precious to me.  All of them.  I have more cousins than I can count, from step-cousins to cousin-in-laws, they are all amazing and special people. I am so blessed to have cousins through marriage and blood, but no matter how they are ‘related’, they are family.  I am grateful to share in so many lives and unique spirits.  I have so many precious memories of childhood shared with these special people and am loving making new memories as adults!

My  cousins are the first friends I had and I am so grateful to still be close to them all these years later, sharing in the joys of children and life.  Thank goodness for email and Facebook so we can stay in touch easily.  I am literally overwhelmed with excitement for Thanksgiving this year because all (but one) of my cousins on my mother’s side are coming together to celebrate for the first time in years! My Aunt Becky’s house will be full to bursting with family including 8 great-grand babies ages 2 mos-3yrs.  After celebrating Thanksgiving Thursday, us cousins are gathering Friday night for Cousin Fest 2012, for a night out including good Mexican food and bowling (and no kiddos!)












Crews Christmas 2007 Cousin Picture
Still missing a few

There will be more pictures taken than I can fathom, but what treasured memories they will make!

It is a tad bittersweet this year though, as we won’t be celebrating with The Hub’s family and will miss our Dallas tradition of the Turkey Trot and Cowboys game.  We will miss you all!  Micah especially is a little heartbroken he can’t see his cousins, Bennett and Andrea.  It’s nice to see him love his cousins as much as I love mine!

I can’t wait to see my cousins tomorrow and eat some yummy food.  I am pretty sure I will need a long nap Saturday after all the family fun.

How about you all?  Are your cousins some of your favorite people?

I won’t be posting again until Saturday so I can focus on family time.  I hope everyone has an amazing Thanksgiving and remember to stop, think, and then give thanks for your blessings.






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