30 Days of a Thankful Heart {Day 13} Poetry and Prose

13 Nov

My poetry is not something I have shared as much on this blog.  I have used Allpoetry.com as the outlet for those words.

But I love poetry, prose, limericks, and the like.

Raw emotions harnessed within the lines of meter and sometimes rhyme; poetry is the world’s window to the soul.

I am grateful that God has gifted me in sharing written words, whether as story or metaphor, imagery or fact.

I pour my soul from pen to paper as if my blood is the very ink with which I write.  I convey that which I cannot speak.  I create from hope, tears, love, pain, and grace.

My life lines the paper and I am laid bare.

This was a poem I wrote for Allpoetry

The Ink Well

by Heather Tiger

August 28, 2011

Something stirring within my soul

seeking to spill forth.

Constrained, restrained, refrained

until it seeps from my very being,

and I can breathe, again.

Stories playing in my mind’s eye

desperate to be told.

Unknown, unnamed, untamed

until it pours from my fingers,

as if ink beats in my heart.

I know poetry isn’t everyone’s cup of java or tea, but it has always been a sort of home for me.  I’ve read the classics and contemporaries, famous and fledgling.  There is beauty to be found in every offering.

Any of you poetry fans or poets yourselves?  Any favorites?


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