30 Days of a Thankful Heart {Day 10} More Time

11 Nov

It’s 10:30 Saturday night.

I planned on getting so many things done today.

Then it took me TWO hours to fall asleep, I was on night-shift with Kasen, and didn’t actually get some sleep until after 5am! So my day didn’t start until 10:30.

Not what I had in mind.  I guess I should have gotten up and done something when I couldn’t sleep at 2am.  Meh.  Nope, I lay in bed, trying to clear my head and let slumber sweep me away.

10:30 and way behind, so I did a quick, condensed work-out in the bedroom, freshened up (yep, no shower to save time), threw on a hat and some make-up, and gathered some DVD’s that were overdue at the library.  EEK!  I then begged Micah to go on a Mommy/Son date with me; library, McDonald’s, Walmart.  Who wouldn’t want to go?  My 3 year-old son, that’s who.  He told me no.  He wanted to stay home with daddy.  I begged/bribed a few more times.  No dice.  I left.

I received a phone call about two minutes later, just as I was pulling up on the library (small town folks).  Micah sweetly asked me to come back home and get him.  Daddy must have guilt-tripped our little monkey.

So, Micah and I hit up the library, paid our $2 fine in change, booked it to McDonald’s and the playplace, and picked up groceries for the week.  We encountered the McDonald’s Sock Nazi during lunch; “You get down.  No socks.  Must have socks. Grr.” Seriously, the lady was stalking these poor kids, pretending to “wipe” the tables with a dingy towel.  That’s ok.  My kid had socks on and….A DIAPER!  Yep, we broke the rules and Micah played on the big kid playhouse in a diaper, when it was clearly posted that, “Children in diapers and pull-ups must play in the toddler area.”  Well, that area consisted of three steps and a two-foot slide.  That’s it.  Whoo! I’d rather fight the Sock Nazi than my son on that battle.

After lunch and prying Micah off the playplace, we headed to Walmart.  Micah was superb!  He stayed in the cart, didn’t beg for anything (until the check-out), and helped direct where to put things in the cart.  We also ran into a local celebrity.  Bryant “Big Country” Reeves.  Click his name for more info.  He’s a former OSU Cowboy and NBA basketball player and also The Hub’s childhood hero.  He lives in a tiny town right next to ours and we have met him a few times.  The Hubs even played basketball with him.  Yes, he was in heaven.  Still, it is a shock to turn onto the soup aisle and see a man towering 2ft over the shelves.  He is a BIG man! Micah even said, “Whoa, big, mommy!”  I am confident he was referring to “Big Country.”

That is Mr. Big Country in the back at the Muldrow Teachers vs. Preachers game that made The Hubs’ dream come true. How many people can say they played with their childhood hero?

All that to say that our mid-morning/early afternoon was packed.  We came home to a still-sick 5-month old and helped relieve The Hubs a bit.  Micah passed out on the couch for a nap, Kasen only slept on daddy, and I attempted to get caught up on email. Oh, college football was on too!

Hours later, some dishes and some laundry are done, but there are toys scattered and piles toppling over.  But things must be prepared for church on Sunday, the boys took forever to go to sleep, and sleep must come tonight.

The good news and the grace I give myself is that tomorrow will come and with it, a whole other chance to tackle the to-do’s.

I am grateful for the time I am given each day, and for the grace that when time slips away, there is tomorrow to try again.

Anyone else have any Saturday exploits that changed plans?  Am I the only one who gets side-tracked by life?


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