30 Days of a Thankful Heart {Day 4} And He Rested

4 Nov

The Bible tells the story of creation.  It was a process that took seven days to complete.  Each day God created, working hard to make something beautiful, functional, and wonderful from nothing.  Each day God admired His work and said, “It is good.”

The seventh day God took in all He had created and said, “It is very good,” and then He rested.

I can imagine that after all that creating something from nothing, God had to be a bit worn out.  Ya know, if God got tired.  However, God is known as being all-powerful and I am pretty sure that comes with a big helping of not needing things like sleep.

What I think is that God rested and took time to reflect on all He had done.  He took time to look back over His week and reflect on what took place; what worked and what didn’t. He took time to enjoy and appreciate the time He had already spent before He moved on to the next task, like directing Noah to build an ark.

God didn’t just say, “Well, that’s a few things off the to-do list, time to mark off some more.”  He made it a priority to take time to breathe in the moment, rest in the now in order to prepare for the new.

God also created and calls us to rest.  He gave us these incredible bodies that can do amazing things, but they require rest and renewal.  After a long week of creating and conquering, we need to take time to reflect and rest.

What can we celebrate from the week?  What do we need to let go?  What do we need to appreciate and give thanks for?  Are we letting God fill us up with His sustaining presence?

This fourth day of November I am thankful that I am created to rest.  I enjoy rest and love my sleep.  I miss the sweet sleep that is uninterrupted by preschoolers and babies.  I have hope that I will see that sleep someday again.

Ah to sleep like a child again





For now I am grateful to rest in God’s grace, letting Him fill my spirit with His love, pouring into my soul so I may pour into others.  I enjoy taking time to reflect on my week and finding things to be thankful for, from the spectacular to the ordinary.

I hope you find rest in His presence and let Him prepare your heart for the week to come.

Sweet Dreams!


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