30 Days of a Thankful Heart {Day 2} Good Grace

2 Nov

My Facebook newsfeed is full of my friends and family updating statuses with what they are thankful for.  I noticed that many people were catching up on Day 2 and listing the two things they are grateful for. Most listed God, faith, or the like as the first thing they are thankful for.

Guilt creeped in.

What kind of a pastor’s wife am I?  I was grateful for happiness and health before being grateful for God?!

Alert social medias.

I suppose what happened was simply that I was editing the pictures of the boys and that was what struck me as needing to express my gratitude for.  I also suppose that my gratefulness for God in my life is so interwoven into the fabric of all I do and am that it sometimes goes unspoken or unwritten.

So, God, have no worries, You are who I am most grateful for.

I know You were wondering. (Sarcasm people.)

Truly, I think that while I love You God with all my mind, strength, heart, and being, what I am most grateful for is the grace you continually pour into me, moment by moment.

It is an unending stream of good grace that keeps me breathing and moving forward.  Without it I would be lost, literally.  Your grace is the light in the darkness, the strength when I am weak, the water when my soul is parched.

When all else is gone, your grace remains.
Photo courtesy of Kaci Sappington

So many times when I am living in the dark, ashy times, burnt out, overwhelmed, and uncertain of how to find my way out of the darkness, your grace is what remains.  It beckons me forward, step by step, breath by breath, one more time.  You bring beauty from my ashes time after time.

There is grace.  There is life.  There is love.

Your grace pours in and You enable me to pour it back into other souls who need it just as much as me.

So, thank you for your amazing grace that is sweeter than any other gift, sound, or sight.

I am grateful for the many ways I encounter and experience Your grace, every day, often moment by moment.


Story behind the photo: One of our former youth took this photo after her house had burned to the ground.  The cross preserved the clean wall behind it, while all around ash and darkness consumed everything else.  Thank you Kaci for allowing me to use this beautiful image.

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