30 Days of a Thankful Heart {Day 1} To Good Health and Happiness

1 Nov

November has long be regarded as the month in which we reflect on thankfulness.  Family, friends, and lots of delicious food.  What isn’t to be thankful about those things?

During this month, I will post everyday on at least one thing or person that I am thankful for.  The posts may be short or long, but they will all be straight from my heart.

Here we go….

Day 1~~Health and Happiness

We recently took a day trip in to Broken Arrow to surprise my mom for her birthday.  I made sure to pack the camera and come cute clothes for the boys because we were also going to try to swing by a pumpkin patch and capture some perfect pictures.  Right.  Do things ever go according to plan with children in tow?We got in to BA later than planned and Kasen needed to be fed and take a nap before we headed to the pumpkin patch.  I figured we could get a few pictures of Micah while we waited.

Last year I took Micah’s 2-year pictures at my mom’s house of him in a tree in the front yard.  It was just an unplanned photo-op and they turned out fantastic so I thought, “How fun would it be to make it a tradition to take his pictures every year in/around the tree to mark his growth?” This was last year’s pic.

Micah’s first tree picture at 2 years old

By the time we got around to getting Micah a snack and changed, and….. Kasen was fed and happy, so we started with a few shots of our almost 5-month old June-bug.  He did a fabulous job as his daddy propped him on limb after limb.

All smiles

Kasen and his subtle smile





















Big brother was up next, and of course he had to start by wearing his new fedora hat his Grams had given him.  The boy LOVES hats.

Dapper 3 year old


Beautiful Blue Eyes melt my heart


Thoughtful Boy

We had all just gotten over about three weeks worth of colds, sinus and ear infections, and general junk, so this gorgeous Fall day was a huge joy and much needed outside air.  The temperature was perfect, both boys were in great moods and cooperating, my mom was surprised by our visit, and we would eat a delicious meal later that night.  Life was good.

We made it to the pumpkin patch and had it all to ourselves.  Well, Kasen stayed at the house with Grams to get a nap in.  I gave up adorable pumpkin pics in favor of a happy baby later on.  There’s always next year, right?  And I still have a pumpkin on the porch…

So Micah, Aaron, and I played at the patch, snapped some fun Fall photos, and purchased a couple discounted baby pumpkins with twirly stems.  It was a sweet time and gave us memories to savor.

Looking for the perfect pumpkin

Me and my October baby


I Got it Mom!

So, I begin this month incredibly thankful to have experienced a near-to-perfect day with my boys and family.  We had our health back and happiness in our midst.  I was able to capture our boys’ personalities in some photos we will treasure and look back on one day and tell them how grateful we were to spend those moments with them.

I love you, my three sweet boys, and I look forward to many more perfect days.




One Response to “30 Days of a Thankful Heart {Day 1} To Good Health and Happiness”

  1. okgranniepeg November 2, 2012 at 12:09 am #

    It was a marvelous day for me too when I answered the door and there all 4 of you stood. I am glad you all enjoyed it too.

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