Micah Man is 3!!!

5 Oct

My sweet Micah, you are 3 today!

All your Cheesy Smile Glory

Time has flown by as it seems like only moments ago your daddy and I were cuddling you as a newborn.

Newborn Micah

You are not the baby anymore and you have embraced your role as Big Brother with all the grace and gusto one would expect of you.  You love your brother, Kasen, fiercely, sweetly, and with wonder.  Your favorite question since we brought Kasen home has been, “Is Kasen okay?”  Yes, my sweet boy.  He is, despite your best efforts to “love” him to pieces.

The “touching” side of your love for Kasen

You, Micah Man, have taught me so much, not only as a mom, but as a child of God.

1) Be Joyful: You have an incredible smile that will no doubt melt more than your mommy’s heart one day.  Your laughter remains one of my favorite sounds in the world and your daddy and I take great pleasure in tickling you just to illicit this joyful noise.  You find great delight in small things and you love to share it with anyone who will look.  You truly have never met a stranger and will go out of your way to say hello to everyone.  You have recently started saying everyone is your best friend.  I hope, my love, that you will always take the time to say hello and to befriend even the random person you meet in the grocery store parking lot.  Your joyful heart is truly a gift.

2) Patience: Your Grams thought she had a tough time raising me.  Then she met you and she says I have met my match.  You are incredibly headstrong and determined to do things on your own, in your own time, and your own way.  This will hopefully serve you well in the future, but it sure does put you and I at odds quite often.  You allow me to practice the art of patience everyday and you are learning it right along with me.  The first time you got so mad and hurt when mommy and daddy told you something you didn’t like, you pouted, said you were going to your room, and you ran to your rocking chair.  And you just sat there.  You blew us away as you demonstrated an amazing ability to reign in your emotions and come back out once you felt better.  You still have your meltdowns (and they are doozies), but you still prefer to go be by yourself until you cool off.  We can all learn a thing or two from you on this! I pray that we can channel this determined and strong spirit into a mighty heart that is sure of himself and his gifts.

3) Grace and Love: We are not perfect parents.  We have made mistakes and we will make many more where you and your brother are concerned, but we are able to keep trying.  You still wrap your arms around our necks, climb on our laps, and snuggle up with us.  You are learning forgiveness and have said sorry many, many times.  But you also have heard mommy and daddy say I’m sorry to each other and to you.  We think it is important that you know we aren’t perfect and that we know you aren’t either.  It is okay to make mistakes and try again.  It is okay to fail.  You are loved because you are ours, but more importantly, because you are His.

In pictures, here are some of the many fantastic sides of Micah!

I could continue to list the reasons we love you all day long, but I would rather spend those moments with you.

So happy 3rd birthday my sweet Micah Man.  Thank you for all the love, light, and joy you have brought us so far.  We cannot wait to see what your future holds!

We love you sooooooo much.

Mommy & Daddy

Your love is strong!

One Response to “Micah Man is 3!!!”

  1. okgranniepeg October 5, 2012 at 10:21 am #

    This is a wonderful tribute to an amazing boy. I love that he is able to play by himself and the voices he makes while doing it for Woody and Buzz. I look forward to his coming years but wish they would slow down just a bit so he will cuddle with us for a wee bit longer. Grams love you Micah with all her heart.

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