Fall Frame of Mind

22 Sep

It’s official!  Fall is here!  According to the calendar it is the first day of Fall, and my heart is so happy.

A gorgeous Fall picture I snapped a few years back while living in KY.

Of course, I am ready for Fall to arrive as soon as September begins.  I want to break out the pumpkins, hang the Autumn wreaths, snuggle up with some cider and watch the leaves change and flit from the trees.  However, all good things take time, and Fall is certainly taking its sweet time appearing lately.

Fall temperatures should never reach into the 90’s and God forbid, triple digits, yet I’m afraid those days are not totally over.  Despite the drought this year, the recent rains have allowed trees and grass to green up once again, and there is hope for beautiful Fall foliage.  This time last year most trees had already turned brown and were losing dead leaves.  I’m ecstatic at the thought of driving down the highway and actually seeing the color-changing leaves in all their Autumn splendor.

There is just something about this time of year that speaks to my soul.  The air is crisp and cool, the scent of pumpkins and apples mixed with spices swirl in the air, and it’s time to break out hoodies and cozy blankets and snuggle up at football games.  Perhaps it is Autumn that pumps in my veins as an October baby, and fills my harvest heart with joy.  Fall causes me to slow down, reflect on life, and just breathe it all in.

I was reflecting on the beauty of Fall yesterday and all it causes me to think and feel, and I realized that my view on life seems to shift when Fall arrives.  Just as the trees, flowers, and animals begin to prepare for winter during the Fall by slowing growth, storing food, and shedding the old, I too find myself sifting through the chaos the year has stored up.

I find myself in a Fall frame of mind.  I rediscover the beauty within myself and the grace from above as they swirl together, changing the color of my soul.  I find refreshment and renewal.  I find the joy in life again.

As I thought about this Fall frame of mind, I realized that God calls us to this beautiful way of thinking all the time.

“Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.” – Philippians 4: 7-9 (NIV)

The beauty in life can sometimes be hard to find and is often so fleeting, but that shouldn’t keep us from looking for it.  It is difficult to slow down when life seems like it might leave us behind.  Dishes are piled up, kids are demanding, jobs have deadlines, and the to-do list is never ending.  But sometimes our souls need to slow down, shed some dead weight, and store up some beauty in order to do authentic living the rest of the year.

So breathe with me today.  Slow down and take stock of what is beautiful and what needs shedding.

Breathtaking Fall Foliage

What is your Fall frame of mind?  Do you have a harvest heart?

I hope your Fall is filled with perfect pumpkins, spiced cider, and gorgeous colored trees!   My Fall is filled with lots of October birthdays (mine included), and this little man’s who will be three in a couple weeks.  So hard to believe how fast they change!

My Lil Pumpkin Micah

What are your Fall plans?  Apple picking?  Pumpkins patches?  Football games?


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