Quote Me

20 Aug

Recently Aaron has handed over responsibility of what goes on our church sign to me.  Usually it has been an upcoming event or what the latest sermon series is, but we have been wanting to add in some quotes as well.  So my dear husband thought my creative mind could come up with some quote fodder. 

Last week I came up with,

“Season your life with grace.  It’s like sugar for the soul.”

The sermons have been centered on grace recently.  Grace makes life sweeter.  It has since been pointed out that sugar is also bad for you.  However, sugar sounds better than protein!  You get the gist!

This week I have submitted,

“Love and grace are like salt and pepper.  They need to be passed on together.”


Get it?  I’m one of those people that was taught and firmly believe that salt and pepper shakers are married and must always be passed together.  Grace and love are the same.  You really need to share both together for the full effect!

Just some thoughts as we begin the week.

What are some short quotes about faith you live by? 

Care to share them?

It just might end up on our church’s sign for all of Muldrow and Roland, OK to see! (With permission of course!)


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