Interview with Big Brother

1 Jun

The big day is here!  It is Kasen’s birth day!  He should arrive by C-Section around 9-10am (CST).  We are all so excited to finally meet our new little man and start our journey as a family of four (with me totally outnumbered by males!)  Since I will be a bit preoccupied over the next few days weeks years, I figured I would schedule this fun little interview with the new Big Brother, Micah.  I was trying to keep him entertained the other evening as Aaron prepared dinner.  Why not interview him?! He put up with me long enough for the following:

1-     Are you excited about being a big brother?  YES Mommy! (Said in a very high-pitched squeal.)

2-      Do you know what a big brother is? No. (Blank stare)

3-      What’s a big brother? I don’t know.  Kasen? (He asked me!)

4-      Is Kasen going to be your little brother? Hmm MM (He began losing interest quickly)

Apparently, he was multi-tasking during his interview!

5-      Where is Kasen? (Points at my tummy in between bites of Cap’n Crunch cereal which he calls Mima trix* and ‘reading’ a DVD ad) In Mommy’s tummy!*My Mima gave him the cereal at her house one day and he has since asked for and referred to it as “Mima Trix.” Go figure!

6-      Are you going to help Kasen?  Yes, go to the park. (Um, ok?)

7-      Are you ready for Kasen to come out of Mommy’s tummy? Hmm MM.  (Thrilled isn’t he!)

8-      What will happen when Kasen comes out of my tummy? A basketball will come out with Kasen. (Really?!)

9-      What will you do when Kasen comes home? Don’t know. He will come to Daddy’s house and my house. I’ll show him Kasen’s room. (What an answer!)

10-   Are you going to share mommy & daddy? Yep. I’ll share my basketball too.  “Kasen, Thunder Up!” (Can you tell what we have been focusing on in the evenings?!)

11-   What are you going to teach Kasen? I don’t know.  Show him my room & DVD’s.  (Apparently he will teach him what not to mess with!)

12-   Do you love Kasen? YES!  How much?  This much! (He slowly and carefully raised his hands above his head so I didn’t tickle him!)

I love Kasen this much mommy!

It was fun to hear his answers, and we know he is still figuring out what this whole new baby thing is all about.  I am so looking forward to seeing the boys’ first meeting today!  Loving on all three of my boys.  I can’t think of a much sweeter way to start the summer!

Micah might disagree after his sweet treat the other night.  Just some fun pics to leave you wonderful readers with until I can post some baby love!

Oh Yeah!

Poor boy dropped the cone, but he got nice and messy first! Love that look.

I appreciate all prayers and good thoughts sent our way.  Hope to be back soon, with lots of lovely new pictures of our sweet Kasen and new family of four.  Until then, blessings sweets!


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