Ready or Not…Here He Comes?

22 May

Today just might be the day.  Kasen’s birth day that is!

I know.  What happened to June?  Well, when we went in to my OB for my check-up and ultrasound Friday we were told by my wonderful doctor that my amniotic fluid levels were low.  Huh?  Apparently this can happen later in the third trimester and it can send the baby into distress if not monitored closely.  The fluid levels are supposed to be between 5-20, with 5 being the danger zone.  Mine were at a 7.7.  My doctor said we were in the cautious zone, to go home and hydrate and rest, then come back in Tuesday for another ultrasound.  He said if my levels dropped or even stayed the same, he would likely deliver Kasen right away.

I hydrated really well and rested some.  Resting wasn’t easy to do in the midst of our huge 10th anniversary celebration all weekend for the church, including the open house here at the parsonage.  Good news: My house is cleaner than it’s been in 2 years and I survived!  We had over 100 kids join the celebration at the church carnival, almost 200 for worship Sunday, and raised almost $49,000 for our Miracle Sunday offering, cutting our church payoff in half! Micah also suffered an injury at the carnival; a black eye courtesy of a stray foot on the inflatable slide.  He is quite proud of his “blue eye!”  My Mima also ended up in the hospital with some irregularities in her heart, so I was so torn not being able to be with her.  (She is doing a bit better and might be released tomorrow!)

Monday then rolled around and it was all about Micah day.  Aaron and I lounged around with him in the morning, playing whatever games his imagination conjured, and then planned to run a few errands with him before lunch and the play park at the mall.  We managed one of those errands, ate a fabulous lunch at El Chico’s, and snapped some great pictures of Micah at the play park, black eye and all.  He didn’t want to leave of course, but crashed out in the car on the way home.  We also got to enjoy our last date night for awhile, as my mom watched Micah last night so we could catch a movie.  We also finished that other errand to Walmart, topping off the perfect romantic evening amongst tissues and diapers.

My blue-eyed boy enjoying the play park

Determined and concentrating hard, with tongue out, just like Mommy does

Popping on through to say hello

Micah, Mommy, and Kasen (almost 38wks)

It’s now Tuesday and ready or not, Kasen may make his arrival today.  We are praying my amniotic levels are back up and that Kasen will have a couple more weeks to prepare his entrance into the world.  Okay, I need those days to finish getting everything ready, to attend annual conference, and spend a bit more time just loving on Micah.  Don’t get me wrong, I can’t wait to wrap Kasen in my arm’s and love him to bits, but I know those moment’s of just being Micah’s mommy are dwindling oh so fast.

But, we are preparing for the news that we will have a Tuesday child, full of grace.  Seems appropriate.  So the laundry is being finished, the diaper bag and hospital bags are being packed, plans are being made for Micah, and we are waiting for 4:30 to slowly roll around.

Ready or not….life may be changing dramatically today.  Deep breath, and dive in.  I may go in a mother of one, and come out with my second bundle of baby boy joy.  Either way, I know God’s plan is at work and He is in control, so I am at peace with whatever may come.

I appreciate all the prayers you can throw our way and hope to update again soon.

Have a fabulous week darlings!



One Response to “Ready or Not…Here He Comes?”

  1. Beth Gifford May 22, 2012 at 2:19 pm #

    Oh my goodness, what excitement all around! Prayers for you all as you greet this sweet addition to your family!

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