9 May

My posts have been, well, absent, along with any inspiration and time. I apologize, but felt it better to be void than post nothing of substance. I’ve been busy, tired, and overwhelmed, trying to capture some peace in the chaos. I came across this poignant post from my dear friend, Leanne Penny, just in time. I needed to hear this message as the “I need mores” have been crowding in and clanking about. “I need more time to get ready.” “We need more diapers…not clothes, not blankets people..diapers..or the diaper bag.” “I need more sleep.” “I need more inspiration so my blog doesn’t sit untouched for days.” “I need more focus.”
I’ve been struggling with finding some peace and this message helps me see that it’s not the more I need, but the enough that I have, in Him. Thank you friend for being a vessel of His enoughness and grace!

Leanne Penny

Last night as I was drifting off in a NyQuil induced coma, Kel and I had a really great chat. Maybe it was just the drugs talking but we found a sweet depth in sharing the fears and doubts that we’re kicking around these days.

His heart hangs heavy on what the next step is for our family, we both feel the winds of change but have no idea what that looks like in reality.  We know he needs to finish up  seminary, but as we are currently debt free (except the house, Dave) we aren’t going to take out loans for his 3 remaining classes.

God has covered all the $500 credit hours up til now, yet still we doubt…

He suggested maybe we could cut back the grocery budget a bit and save cash there, I scoffed because the truth of the matter is that the…

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