DIY- Spring Styrofoam Art

8 Mar

Ever had a project idea that took you forever to get around to?  I have had several, and thanks to Pinterest, I now way too many to be reasonable.

I actually came across a DIY project for easy, inexpensive art at my cousin’s house way back in 2009 and stored it in my mental to-do list.

Guess what?  I finally did it myself (DIM!)

I completed this project before I got my awesome DSLR, so I didn’t have any step-by-step photos, but I have some great afters.

I bought all my supplies at Hobby Lobby for under $15: 4-pack of 8×12-inch Styrofoam squares, scrapbook paper, and Elmer’s craft adhesive spray.

This smaller pack of styrofoam is just to show you the brand.  I used the larger square size for this project.

The rich purples and pops of green tie in my living room accent colors and our green accent walls.

I selected the scrapbook paper for the front of the squares and coordinating paper for the two sides.  The 12×12 scrapbook paper on the front was the perfect size to fit the squares with overlap on top and bottom.  I sprayed the adhesive directly on the square and centered on the stryofoam.  Let the adhesive dry completely, at least 30 minutes.

Then I folded the overlapping paper down at the top and bottom and secured with a little clear tape on back and staples (evenly spaced). I was very limited on supply options to secure the paper and the adhesive was not holding on the overlap, hence staples. I would probably do something like hot glue if I do it again. (I had to purchase a new gun!)  Thankfully you can’t see the staples very well, plus it gives it an industrial flair, right?!

Next, I measured the paper for the sides and cut it to fit, leaving overlap at the top and bottom to help secure it.  I again used a bit of clear tape to adhere the paper to the back and staples along the sides.

Finally, I measured how much space I wanted between the pieces and hung each on a push pin.  Yep!  Push pins! Just push the styrofoam pieces onto the pins.  Easy peasy and only leaves a tiny mark.

You could always take the paper off and recover with new paper or even fabric!  I just used what I had purchased in 2009.

It helped fill a space above our giant living room window that needed some color.

These would make a great and easy housewarming gift if you know the color scheme or style sense of your friend.

How is spring popping up in your house?


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