Word Up: Day 6: Lent Journey

28 Feb




“Every part of Scripture is God-breathed and useful one way or another- showing us truth, exposing our rebellion, correcting our mistakes, training us to live God’s way.  Through the Word we are put together and shaped up for the tasks God has for us.”


2 Timothy 3:16-17, The Message

Over the years, this passage of Scripture has really grown on me, or rather, in me; my heart.  While the passage as a whole is important and useful, I find myself focusing on the beginning and the end.

We are reminded here that Scripture, the Bible, is from God.  While it was written by man, it was not conceived nor created by man.  It is God-breathed.  God infused his very words, thoughts, and being into a gift given to His children, helping show us the truth and the way.  And it is not just portions or parts of His Word that are valuable. Every part of the Bible is useful and able to speak to us, even today.

Speak?  Is God still speaking to people today?Yes.  The Bible is God’s main way of speaking to His beloved children. (That would be you, me, and every Joe, Jane, and person He lovingly creates; EVERYONE.) God has not grown silent over the years, though many have done their best to silence Him.  God still speaks to those who will listen.  He speaks most clearly and loudly through Scripture.  It is His voice.

The more time we spend enveloped and embraced in God’s Word, the better we know and recognize His voice; the more we understand Him and His purpose for our lives.  So many of us long to know God more and desire for Him to answer us when we call out to Him in prayer, but we often forget that God has been and is speaking to us, we need only open His Word and read.  He longs to reveal Himself to us and to help us learn who we are, in Him.

Not only is Scripture one of the best ways to hear God’s voice, it is also one of God’s tools in shaping and forming us.  God has created each of us as unique, fearfully and wonderfully made, with a plan and good purposes.  However, most of us need shaping and refining for we are broken people in need of restoration.  By spending time in Scripture we are literally reading God’s plan and purpose for humanity as a whole, and it forms each of us individually into the person God has designed.  We become more fully ourselves the more we know of who God is and what His Word speaks to us.

When we soak up God’s Word and tuck it away in our hearts, we can begin to see the overflowing of His working in our lives.  There may be a quiet peace that steals over us when before there was chaos.  We may find a verse about patience holding our temper at bay, if only for five extra breaths.  We discover that the next step in our journey suddenly becomes abundantly clear when the day before we seemed impossibly lost.  These are just some of the ways Scripture enters our being, changing and shaping us.  The more we know God, the better we know ourselves, and the more we can face the day with purpose and grace.


Day 6′s Daily Step from Holly Wagner’s book, “Daily Steps for God Chicks: The 90-Day Devotional For Real Women,” is simple.  Spend some time in God’s Word.  Select a bible reading plan (there are tons of great plans floating around on the internet) or create your own.

Try selecting a topic or area that you need to focus on, like prayer, patience, love, or peace.  Most bibles have a keyword index so you can locate passages this way.  Let God speak to you and really listen.  What is He trying to tell you?  Whether you read a few verses, an entire chapter, or a whole book of the Bible, take time to reflect on  what is stirring inside you.  Write down what you are reading and what you feel God teaching you.  How is He forming you today?

I find it very useful to read small chunks of Scripture at a time.  For me it allows God’s Word to settle more deeply into my soul and shape me from the inside out.  If we are allowing God to pour His Words and His spirit into us, we will begin to see the outpouring from our hearts, manifesting love, grace, and hope in our lives and towards those around us.

Will you take the time to hear God’s voice today?  Spend 5 minutes in His Word and let Him speak to you.  He’s waiting.

Hope to see you for Day 7.


One Response to “Word Up: Day 6: Lent Journey”

  1. OKGranniePeg February 29, 2012 at 12:17 am #

    I was glad when I learned that that when I prayed for patience, I actually received trials to learn to pray for perseverance, which teaches us patience.

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