Nursery Fabric Fun

12 Feb


Last Saturday my wonderful mother-in-law came to visit us.  She is a very gifted seamstress as one of her many hobbies and I feel very blessed to often be the recipient of her talents with a needle and thread.  I was thrilled when she agreed to make some items for Tiger cub’s nursery.

She made the trek from Owasso, OK to Mudrow ready to tackle the big city of Ft. Smith, AR which is the closest place to purchase fabric.  We knew we’d have to hit Hobby Lobby and were hoping there would be a JoAnn’s and/or Hancock’s to peruse as well.  After convincing Aaron and Micah to join us for the day (enticed by lunch at Red Lobster), we set out on the adventure and a quick map search on the iPhone told me that Hancock’s was the only other fabric option besides the miracle store that is Hobby Lobby.

We hit Hancock’s first and they were having a moving sale!  They were moving to a new store (across the street), so score on the savings!  I found a few fabrics I liked as contenders for the crib skirt and clicked some pics to compare at Hobby Lobby.  Thankfully my fabric samples from Carousel Designs had come in earlier in the week so I could see how they worked with ones I found in store.  You can see the an example of some of the bedding I am getting by clicking here.

After Hancock’s we made our way to Hobby Lobby and I had to remind myself that I was having a boy.  But darn it, there are just far more fun,, pretty, and fabulous fabric choices out there for the girls!  Thankfully, I found the perfect fabric for the crib skirt and fell in love with the design.  We were able to choose fabric for the skirt, a crib sheet, and even for Micah’s new toddler bed at Hobby Lobby.  Yay for Toy Story fabric! We headed back to Hancock’s to pick up some fabric we had seen there as well for a diaper stacker, a scarf for me, and Handy Manny fabric for a blanket and pillow for Micah’s bed.  He LOVES his new Handy Manny pillow!  (Yes, the scarf is fabulous!)

So here are the fabrics we picked out to compliment the ones we are getting from Carousel Designs.  A big thank you to my MIL, Priscilla for helping choose them and of course for all her hard and wonderful work on the bedding for both boys. (Thank you for sending the pictures of the fabric as well!)

I’ll post more pics when it’s all finished.

Let me know what you think!


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