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The Cherished Time

13 Sep

This is a poem I wrote on All Poetry recently and I wanted to share it here.  I was inspired after having to go comfort Micah back to sleep when he woke up screaming at 11:45 from an apparent nightmare.  He climbed out of his crib and as I dragged myself sleepily to his room I was met with expecting and sweet arms, a whimper of relief, and a feebly muttered Mama from this precious boy who I couldn’t see in the darkened room, but found without hesitation.  It took less than 5 minutes to calm him with a few pats, kisses, and whispered assurances that he was safe, watched over, and loved.  He was out like a light before his head hit the pillow but he still managed to snuggle up with his Tigger.  As I left the room, I chided myself for having felt even a moment of frustration at Micah interrupting my time, sleep, or anything else.  I was reminded of how precious and fleeting moments like those are with my quickly growing and almost 2 yr old son, who will be 20 in a blink of an eye.  So yes I am sure I will find myself exasperated many more times when having to attend to my son is an interruption in my life, but I will try to quickly remind myself that they are actually perfectly planned pauses of love and a chance to savor every moment with my son.

I hope you savor the interruptions your little ones throw your way!

The Cherished Time

Softly, sweetly, slumbering babe

lying tender in my arms,






to these moments,

memorizing your charms.


Precious, perfect, precocious boy

romping wildly round the room,






with these moments,

vanishing ever too soon.


My love, my joy, my monkey Micah

blessing of my life,






that these moments,

cherished, borrowed time.


By Heather T., © 2011, All rights reserved.

Author notes

This is for my sweet son, Micah. Mommy loves you more than my words could ever convey, always and more than forever.