Research Update

27 Oct

I went in to the flower shop finally.  After my sweet boys came back with a birthday arrangement from said shop for my 29th.  One more year in my twenties….

I was hoping Aaron had done the hard part for me and asked if the shop owner was needing help, or better yet, hiring.  No dice.  All he did is bring home roses tucked away in an OU coffee mug.  The nerve!  He said that people like a good story and that I had a good story to tell this woman who owns the flower shop.  Linda.  Really, is Linda dying to hear my little story? I would find out.

I had to drive in to Broken Arrow to pick up my mom who was coming to stay with us for a visit, so I decided to swing by the shop on my way out of town.  I had Micah with me and I thought I had managed to make myself appear professionally cute, hip, and put together, but still casual.  The perfect shop girl!  (This is my point of view and I stand by said description.)  So, in the shop we went.  I carried Micah in even though he has been walking for almost 4 months now.  I knew the pretties inside would be well within his grasp and oh so tempting to touch.  Holding him was safer, as I wanted a job, or at least I did not want a bill by the time we left!

Linda greeted us and commented on how darling Micah was, and yes she did think she recognized that cutie pie, and Oh, I was the new pastor’s wife!  She was delightful.  I had hope.  I had run over in my head what my spiel would be.  I had prayed God would give me the words and open the door.  I was more nervous than my dog on the 4th of July.  How do writers do this?  “Hi, I am a writer and I would like to study you.”  Seriously?  I should have googled it.  So, as quickly, clearly, and articulately as possible I told her I was an aspiring novelist who felt led to write a novel about a girl who owns a flower shop, and are you in need of assistance as in I NEED a job, or can I at least come observe, and no I don’t have real experience but I used to watch my mom make arrangements and I think flowers sure are pretty, and I will shut up now and let you comprehend the avalanche of thoughts I just threw at you.  Phew.  It was out there for her to accept or deny.

She was flattered that I would think of her shop and she was impressed that I had a book published so young, and oh my, a novel, she loves to read, but unfortunately she already has some ladies who help her part-time, but I could surely come in and learn and she would love to answer any questions I might have.


Well, I tried.  I didn’t fail.  I have a resource and who knows what may happen down the road, but two birds, one stone, not so much.

The search continues…..  I’ve been taking some great notes and even have a paragraph written!  I also painted some walls in my house and have a few more to go.  Maybe the new color will strike some inspiration….paint colors italicized

“She was sipping her hot chocolate, hoping the warmth would dislodge the chill that seemed permanently attached to her soul lately.  Sitting in the grassy meadow, watching the sun shift and shimmer through the gold and burgundy hues of autumn, Emmy wanted nothing more than to change as freely and beautifully as the leaves.”

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