1 Year Changes Everything

5 Oct

Micah Blue Eyed Baby

You will be one year old today.  You are my child.  Your name, Micah Reilly Noah Tiger, was thoughtfully chosen after many conversations, debates, bargaining, and compromising.  You however, are no compromise.  You have been so full of love, joy, surprise, wonder, hope, inspiration, and promise from the beginning.  You are beloved.

You have been strong from the start as well.  Your Grams will swear that you held your head up on your own, turned it, and then laid it back down, during your first couple days.  I hope you will always have the strength to hold your head high, even when it is easier to put it down.

You rolled over early and pulled and pushed yourself along with your strong little legs.  I pray you are always able to pull yourself up and push obstacles out of your way.

You crawled early, May 1st to be exact, and we were so excited to see you moving all on your own, though it meant you were one move closer to independence.  I hope you sometimes have to crawl your way out of a tough situation, and in so doing will find even more character as you move along your path in life.

You then decided that crawling was easy enough to master, and you quickly started to pull up on anything you could reach and push up on any item in your way.  I pray you reach out to pull others up when they need a little help and that you will not push others out of your way, but learn from and with them along the journey.

Before we could protect every surface, you were cruising as fast as your little legs would go.  Around and around the coffee table you went, laughing at your own feat and feet, until you made a path through the whole house.  I urge you to blaze your own way in life, but never lose touch or forget where you come from and who has loved you along the way.

Barely three months passed from your first belly-up crawl, then you had taken your first tentative steps, and by August 4th we captured you in all your walking glory!  You let loose of the security of a near-by suitcase and you babbled and walked your way across the room and you haven’t stopped since.  I pray you never do.  I hope, my son, that with each step you take in this life you will learn more of who you are and let God guide you.

It seems like it was yesterday that we were anxiously awaiting your much-anticipated arrival into our lives.  Then we blinked and you are 1, and I wish I could slow time so we can savor each moment with you as you grow, because before we know it, you will be fully leading a life of your own.  I hope we raise you well, with love, humility, humor, joy, a little pain, some challenges, dreams, hope, and so much more.  But most of all, I pray we raise you to desire a heart after God above all else.

In just a year, you have changed our lives completely, and we would have it no other way.  We get less sleep, go out less often, listen to silly songs and sing along, make funny noises to get a giggle, put away pretty baubles so they don’t get broken, spend a little less time dreaming for ourselves and more time dreaming for and hopefully with you.  But no matter the changes, there is not a moment we would not give up again.  It may have taken a year to realize just how quickly this precious time with you passes, but it only took a moment to love you forever.

I love you, always, my sweet baby boy, Micah.  Happy 1st Birthday, and many, many, many more!

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