22 Sep

There is quite the contradiction going on in my head.  One sentence, I need to start running, is oh so true, while the other sentence, I need to stop running, may be truer still.  Confused yet?  Welcome to my little world, or welcome back, and yes, I know it has been far, far too long.  I could make many excuses, most valid, but I will not.  I have been a slacker with my writing since the move.  I’m hoping to change that.  Add it to my growing list of to-dos, wishes, desires, goals, and long-awaiting dreams; pretty sure there is still room on the top corner!

So, running.  One physical.  One spiritual/emotional.  Both intimidating.  I DO NOT ENJOY RUNNING!  Never have.  I will not say never will, because God is in the miracle business, and if I am too enjoy running one day, it will be a miracle, and I never say never to God.  Never!

I was encouraged by a new friend to join her in the evenings and run.  First download the 5K app so I can have another little voice in my head telling me what to do when I run, then come join her soon.  The app is now downloaded and I am hoping it will bring more motivation than the 2 days of running the 5K training printout brought that has been stuck on the front of the fridge for over a month now.  Thanks Becky!  I’m scheduling in Sunday evening as a start date.  I am hoping getting on track, or on a track literally, with the physical running, will help with the other running I have been all too eager to participate in.

Why is it so easy to run away from God?  Why is it so easy to run away from truth when you know it sets you free?  Ugh.  Is there an app for this?  Seriously, Couch 2 God in 7 easy weeks.  I’d pay $2.99, maybe even $4.99.  And it has to be 7 weeks because seven is Biblical, blah, blah….  Just plug in your earbuds and connect with The Alpha and Omega, 60 seconds at a time, until you are spending 3 hours with Him like it’s no time at all.

Okay, maybe not, but why is it so easy for some, yet such a struggle for others at times, like me, when all I want to do is give my life to Him, as Ginny Owens puts it so perfectly.  So maybe in learning to love running, as I am told will happen, I will run into the Love of my life a little easier.  After all, He’s already there.

Oh, and here is a new picture of my darling, almost 1 (EEK!) bundle of joy, Micah

Bedlam Baby

Bedlam Baby

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