A Grin to Die For: Mommy Moment Monday

21 Jun

It’s been awhile since I have posted so there are sooo many moments I need to share, but I don’t have the necessary time to share them all. That’s what happens when you have a very active and mobile 8 1/2 month old who can’t sit still and seems to enjoy playing with everything except his toys!

So today I will share a funny moment from our car ride to Broken Arrow yesterday and a picture to illustrate my point.

We have a mirror in the backseat above Micah’s carseat. All the better to see him with! Well, he has reached the age when he realizes the mirror works both ways. He finally realized he can see us if he looks into the mirror. This is a funny and not so good thing. Funny because he thinks it’s hilarious to make so much noise until we look back at him and he catches our eyes. He then gives us a HUGE grin that is about as ornery as it gets. SOOO cute. He then proceeds to make googly eyes hoping we will pull over and take him out. This is where the not so good part kicks in. Since 90% of the time we don’t stop within five minutes of this ploy, Micah then proceeds to throw quite the little fit, all the while trying to maintain eye contact, knowing we are a mere foot away. Why can’t we rescue him from his torture, known as a carseat?

Aaron actually had to make me stop looking back at Micah yesterday because it was doing more harm than good. But he’s just so darn adorable. Can you blame a mom?

We’ll see how long this car game lasts….

Here is evidence of aforementioned grin:

Micah and his ornery grin

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