Mommy Moment Monday: 7 month trial

17 May

Part of the packing process included sorting Micah’s pictures that need to be mailed to people.  That is what I spent a good chunk of the evening doing last night, and I snuck a few older pictures in to some of the envelopes.

We were a bit overzealous when we ordered Micah’s birth announcements.  We thought everyone would want adorable pictures of our sweet little boy and we didn’t want to run out.  What would happen if the door-to-door meat salesman didn’t get his announcement?  Would they withhold steaks?  We weren’t taking any chances.

Unfortunately, stuffing and labeling envelopes wasn’t high on the priority list for the first few, or six, months.  We handed out quite a few in person and mailed out another 30 or so announcements, but we still had a fair number to send out.  How late is late?

We just wanted to make sure we spread the joy of Micah’s birth out as long as possible.  I can imagine the excitement that some family members will experience when they open the envelope in a few days and along with a family picture, staring up at them is sweet, baby Micah.  I know I would be thrilled!

So, do I come up with a litany of excuses?  Between the early months’ lack of sleep and the continual barrage of busy, hectic days keeping Micah entertained, I think a Mommy is justified in a certain late arrival.  We didn’t even get the announcements in until he was a month old!  But my favorite excuse is that we have him on a trial basis and we wanted to make sure things worked out for all parties involved before sending pictures out that people would display on their fridge.  Now that would be awkward to ask for those back if we had to return Micah!

What?  No return policy?  Good thing he’s a keeper!

It's a Boy!

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