Ten Things Tuesday

11 May

We are moving two weeks from today.  It’s a little hard to believe and it is a little more than overwhelming.  Even with an almost full storage unit and a quickly filling garage, there is still tons to pack.  This is even after major purging.  I’m talking almost 20 boxes and numerous bags full of items that have been given away, and that’s not taking in to account the books, electronics, and furniture we are trying to sell.  At this point I am ready to toss it all out the door, but keep the baby!

The next two weeks will consist of packing, packing, and yes, packing.  If only Micah could pitch in, with something other than fits!  Here’s a peek at my to-do list for moving; at least ten items on it.

1. Pack the rest of the dishes

2. Pack the rest of the wall art

3. Cancel/set up utilities

4. Transfer subscriptions

5. Pack suitcases for the 2 weeks ‘vacation’ before we actually move into the parsonage

6. Make a list of what we need to keep out for Micah

7. Pack Micah’s toys, extra clothes, and other stuff

8. Pack all non-essential bathroom items

9. Make financial arrangements

10. Say good-byes

Living with Boxes

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