Synonymous Saturdays

7 May

Today’s word is Soigne or Soignee

Pronounced swhan-yey, according to soigne is of french origin and means fashionable, well-groomed, polished, and showing sophisticated elegance.  It is an adjective and I think it can and should be used to describe those people and things we find attractive, fashionable, or ‘rockin.’  As in:

“That actress is wearing a rockin’ outfit,” would become, “That actress is wearing a soigne little outfit.”

Hot would be another word that soigne or one of its synonyms could and should replace, as we too frequently refer to people and items as hot.  Plus, the synonyms are a bit vintage and should be fun to play around with.


dolled up, dressed to advantage, dressed to kill, dressed to the teeth, dressed-up, gussied up, in full dress, in full feather, spiffed up, spruced up, well-dressed

My personal favorite used in a sentence:

“Evangeline Lilly is in full feather for the Lost finale party.”

One Response to “Synonymous Saturdays”

  1. bishopswife May 10, 2010 at 1:34 am #

    Oh I love it!!!

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