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Putting Myself in Time Out

22 May

As you may be aware, (for all 3 of my daily readers), I have not been doing my daily blogging this week.  Due to the current hecticness of my life I am forcing myself to place some daily pursuits into a temporary timeout.

We are in the middle of a huge transition right now with our move from Kentucky back to Oklahoma and unfortunately that makes your priorities change a bit for a time. For example, packing is pretty much my top priority after taking care of Micah right now.  FUN, FUN, ,FUN!  We did take a much-needed break Friday evening to enjoy a farewell cook-out our neighbors, Heather, Nathan, and Connor, threw for us.  Great food, company, and finally some good old-fashioned cornhole competition.  Thanks you guys!  (Remember Heather, ice once a week and our friendship will bloom despite the distance!)

Despite having given away, sold, or thrown away boxes upon boxes, and sack after sack of clothing and other STUFF, we still find ourselves surrounded by more stuff to pack.  Did I mention we have had a storage unit 2/3 of the way filled for over a month now, and yet there is more.  Is it breeding when we are sleeping?  That’s my conclusion.

Thankfully my in-laws have graciously stepped up to the plate and are helping with the packing, cleaning, and general fixing-upping of the house.  My MIL is a sight to behold; a packing wunderkind.  After making numerous moves as a pastor’s wife, she has packing locked down.  I swear, for every 2 boxes I pack, she packs 10, and sewed a few blankets, a cornhole bag, and spent some time teaching Micah the art of packing.  It’s a gift!  Glad we are on the receiving end!  My FIL , while being a very gifted Pastor, is also a skilled painter, and our walls are artfully spackled at the moment, just waiting to receive their shiny new coat of paint.  Did I mention he also planted our flowerbed, ran errands, did some packing, and played with his grandson too?  Yep, they are pretty fantastic.  They were here on Thursday, so they are my official Thankful Thursdays award winners!

The other huge item on our plate right now is Aaron’s graduation from seminary Saturday.  It is literally an all-day event, which puts the above mentioned plans on hold!  I am so proud of all the hard-work he has put in these past three years.  Way to go sweetheart!  I have a feeling I might tear up as he walks the stage tomorrow.  A wonderful husband, fantastic father, and now a minister with a Masters of Divinity degree.  He’s quite a catch!

Two final big ticket items on the to-do list:  The Lost finale and saying our farewells.  Both will make me cry and both are ending way too soon.  Maybe the finale will reveal how to discover an alternate timeline or maybe we’ll experience random flashbacks so we don’t have to say goodbye to such wonderful friends.  The screen is getting a little blurry as I am typing…..

Needless to say, there  are a few things keeping me busy right now.  Since I made a commitment to myself and my readers to blog weekly and daily, I just wanted to ask for some grace as the blogging will be spotty for a bit until we get settled in our new house.  I’m going to try and carve out some time, like now, and give some updates and do the dailies when I can, so please check back soon.  Thanks for your understanding!

Keep us in your prayers as we travel and begin this new journey.  I’m excited to see what God has in store along the way.

Pack it in

A Lost List: Ten Things Tuesday

18 May

Tonight is the last new Lost episode before the series finale, Sunday.  I can guarantee two things: tears and more questions.  We are having a Lost finale party that is doubling as our farewell party on Sunday.  We figured if we have to say so many goodbyes we might as well say them all at once.  If only I could give Sawyer a farewell hug.

Since I am not allowing myself to dwell on the real life goodbyes we must make, otherwise I’d be a pile of blubbering mush all week, I will recount some favorite moments in the Lost universe.  Because I am limited to ten, I can’t say these are all my favorites, but it’s a start.

1. Charlie bringing Claire ‘peanut butter’ to share

2. Hurley finally getting to kiss Libby

3. Desmond and Penny reunited first by consciousness jumping, then by boat

4. Jack embracing faith

5. Sawyer sacrificing himself for the other 6 and jumping from the helicopter

6. Hurley saving the day in the Dharma van

7. The Losties playing golf

8. As sad as it is, Charlie’s death and “Not Penny’s Boat”

9. Sawyer bringing Juliette flowers in Dharmaville, and the genuine I love you’s exchanged

10. The first hopeful attempt to leave on the raft with Sawyer, Jin, Michael, and Walt

Again, these are only a few moments to treasure.  Maybe I’ll do a top ten favorites from each season soon.  Hope you enjoy the show!

Charlie Dies

Mommy Moment Monday: 7 month trial

17 May

Part of the packing process included sorting Micah’s pictures that need to be mailed to people.  That is what I spent a good chunk of the evening doing last night, and I snuck a few older pictures in to some of the envelopes.

We were a bit overzealous when we ordered Micah’s birth announcements.  We thought everyone would want adorable pictures of our sweet little boy and we didn’t want to run out.  What would happen if the door-to-door meat salesman didn’t get his announcement?  Would they withhold steaks?  We weren’t taking any chances.

Unfortunately, stuffing and labeling envelopes wasn’t high on the priority list for the first few, or six, months.  We handed out quite a few in person and mailed out another 30 or so announcements, but we still had a fair number to send out.  How late is late?

We just wanted to make sure we spread the joy of Micah’s birth out as long as possible.  I can imagine the excitement that some family members will experience when they open the envelope in a few days and along with a family picture, staring up at them is sweet, baby Micah.  I know I would be thrilled!

So, do I come up with a litany of excuses?  Between the early months’ lack of sleep and the continual barrage of busy, hectic days keeping Micah entertained, I think a Mommy is justified in a certain late arrival.  We didn’t even get the announcements in until he was a month old!  But my favorite excuse is that we have him on a trial basis and we wanted to make sure things worked out for all parties involved before sending pictures out that people would display on their fridge.  Now that would be awkward to ask for those back if we had to return Micah!

What?  No return policy?  Good thing he’s a keeper!

It's a Boy!

Synonymous Saturday

15 May

Today’s word is Fussy

I personally have been overusing this particular f-word.  Micah, along with a little extra clingyness, has been a wee bit fussy per the normal daily allotment.  I think he is getting ready to cut some top teeth, but until then, it’s oragel and tylenol and a few synonyms to describe the mood!

Let’s try: demanding, bearish, boorish, fastidious, finicky, clamorous, taxing, wearing, dictatorial, unaccommodating

Micah has been quite boorish this afternoon, mainly because he refused to nap.

Your son’s crying is becoming clamorous!

Even though Micah’s moods have been taxing for us lately and he has been unusually dictatorial, he is still unbelievably precious and I love him more and more.

The Five Year Mark: Thankful Thursdays

13 May

Five years ago I said I do.  I do promise to love and cherish, support and help, trust and rely on, honor and protect, and give my heart to Aaron Christopher Tiger.  I’d do it all again.

The past five years has seen us live in 3 different houses and towns, 2 states, 12 different jobs between the two of us, 1 Masters degree, 10 months of pregnancy, and 7 months of a new life.  That doesn’t include all the hopes, dreams, losses, gains, changes, friends, fights, hugs, kisses, challenges, adventures, and journeys that define us as a couple.

It has been worth every little moment and each momentous event.  I would not trade a second of my life with Aaron.  We are at the end of one journey, ready to embark on a new path, and I am grateful I get to share this with my best friend.  We don’t know what the next 5 years will bring, but we will face it all, together, trusting in the One who created us for each other.  God will guide us, grow our love, and give us all we need to follow His path.

We are eager to continue this journey of parenthood; watching Micah grow and become his own person.  We hope to raise him with a heart for God that surpasses his parents.

Feelings can ebb and flow, but it is our choice to love one another each day and love God first, that sustains us and will carry us through the next 5 years and far beyond.

I love you Aaron.  Thank you for everything.  I can’t wait to see what the future holds.

My Love

The End

12 May

Another day gone

Before goodbyes must be said

My heart is breaking


Quebec Sinkhole: WWYDW

12 May

My mouth was wide open in shock when the tragic scene from Saint-Jude, Quebec flashed across the late news.  It’s the stuff of science fiction; the Earth opening up and swallowing homes whole.  My prayers go out to the community and family members of the Prefontaines who lost their lives.  News articles say they were watching a hockey game when their world literally fell out from underneath them.  The only bright spot is that one of their dogs, Foxy, miraculously survived and was found in the mud, tied to a tree.  I hope she finds a good home, on solid ground.

This horrible accident, along with the arrival if tornado season in my home state of Oklahoma, got me thinking about what I would want to survive a catastrophe.  Obviously I would want my family and friends to survive; I was thinking more along the lines of what I would grab if I had time to grab anything other than Micah, Aaron, and Beau.

I used to think that I would grab pictures, but with so many online now, I don’t know if I would.  I think my computer would be up there since there is a lot of life on it.  I would try and grab my purse with my cell in it and Micah’s diaper bag.  I think the only memory items I would want to grab would be Micah’s baby book, our wedding albums (they are the only copies), our wedding license and birth certificates, and if I could I would grab the album with Micah’s sonograms in it.  But even all the irreplaceable pictures would mean nothing if there weren’t new memories to make with the same people.  If reaching for something material meant losing someone of immeasurable worth, then I would let it all go.  It’s funny how those things we can’t live without mean so little when compared to the people who make life worth living.  I am grateful for the good things in my life, but I thank God for the ones I get to share my life with.  So I guess the most important things, I already carry with me.

What would you reach for if disaster was imminent?

When Disaster Strikes

Ten Things Tuesday

11 May

We are moving two weeks from today.  It’s a little hard to believe and it is a little more than overwhelming.  Even with an almost full storage unit and a quickly filling garage, there is still tons to pack.  This is even after major purging.  I’m talking almost 20 boxes and numerous bags full of items that have been given away, and that’s not taking in to account the books, electronics, and furniture we are trying to sell.  At this point I am ready to toss it all out the door, but keep the baby!

The next two weeks will consist of packing, packing, and yes, packing.  If only Micah could pitch in, with something other than fits!  Here’s a peek at my to-do list for moving; at least ten items on it.

1. Pack the rest of the dishes

2. Pack the rest of the wall art

3. Cancel/set up utilities

4. Transfer subscriptions

5. Pack suitcases for the 2 weeks ‘vacation’ before we actually move into the parsonage

6. Make a list of what we need to keep out for Micah

7. Pack Micah’s toys, extra clothes, and other stuff

8. Pack all non-essential bathroom items

9. Make financial arrangements

10. Say good-byes

Living with Boxes

Mommy Moment Mondays

10 May

I was greeted in bed on Mother’s Day with two things; a hungry baby boy and that same hungry boy holding a big, purple envelope.  Pretty nice way to start any day.  As I nursed Micah, I opened my card, greeted with a cute Disney trio, bright and colorful.  It brought a smile to my face, but not nearly as big as the smile Micah had.  His tiny hand reached up to grab the card as he laughed, apparently finding Mickey and Donald highly amusing.  Talk about a sweet gift!  He had even made a few squiggle marks on the card to ‘sign’ it.  Glad I have such a thoughtful husband!

After I woke up from a nice little late morning snooze, I wondered out to the living room and found my sweet husband unloading a scrumptious brunch from Cracker Barrel.  I asked Aaron to move a tv tray for me to eat on, but all I got in return was a smirk.  Really?  On Mother’s Day?  It’s not like I asked him to carry me to the tray.  So I asked again, a bit of exasperation in my tone.  When he continued to smirk at me even as he made his way over, I about threw a syrup bottle at him, until I realized what the cause of the smirk was.  Sitting right next to the tray was my present!

I blame bleariness from my late morning.  In my defense, the gift wasn’t wrapped, and it blended in with the couch perfectly.  Let’s just say I had humble pie with my french toast!  It’s nice to start the day with some laughter at my own expense.  I guess it’s a good lesson to teach Micah later.  I’ll mark it down in the Mommy mistake files.

The rest of the day was relaxing, as Aaron took the lead with Micah.  I got to love on my boys and take some time for myself; pretty great.  Flowers were delivered later from Micah (with my mom’s help), and I got a very sweet card, book, and gift card from my mother-in-law.  I’d say my first Mother’s Day was pretty memorable; though I think the smiles, smirks, hugs, and kisses may be the things I remember most.

Song for Saturdays

8 May

Paradigm by All Together Separate

Hope Unshattered

I thought this song is appropriate for where I am currently.  I first heard this song performed by a friend at the Baptist Student Union my sophmore year of college.  The song really hit me hard and spoke some serious truth into my life.  It doesn’t get played often on the radio, but when it does, I always crank it up.

What is a paradigm?  For this song, it refers to a the values, principles, and practices you live your life by.  If you look at what the world judges these things by, it is constantly shifting, adapting, and compromising.  As a Christian, this shouldn’t be what the paradigm of my life looks like.  My touchstone and foundation is rooted in Christ and sharing that love, no matter what the world says in response.  I’ve included the lyrics because I think they need to be seen, not just heard.  Click on the title to watch the video by All Together Separate.


Everybody loves a rose,

But will you be thankful for the thorns?

Love is easy when you’re loved,

But do you curse another when you’re alone?


Oh, I give my life to You so I can gain it back again

Oh, I stand solid while the paradigm is shifting

You say live and let live,

But people are dying everyday.

You say what I don’t know won’t hurt me,

But if what I do not know

Is the very thing I need

Then I say,


Humanity sees truth through a shattered window pane,

That blocks the view

Plants the seed

So we draw the curtains to a close but I say

That the sun can still shine behind a closed mind

And sticks and stones do hurt

When tossed from the tongue of mankind.