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Something New (Finally)!

4 Apr

I know!  It has been far too long since my last post.  I could use the, “I’ve been so busy taking care of Micah,” excuse, but he does sleep well through the night and I could have blogged in the evenings.  No, my excuse is I’ve had a lack of confidence in my blogging.  Not that my readership is exponential, but I still like to offer more than just a quick blurb when I blog, wanting to put out material worth reading! So, as a late resolution, I am challenging myself to dig deep, post more frequently, and hopefully offer a word or two that helps make your day a bit better.

We are getting ready to move back to Oklahoma.  It is unreal how quickly these three years have flown by.  When we first arrived in Kentucky I felt so far from home and as if we would never return; yes, dramatic, I know.  However, our time here has not only provided us with gained knowledge, we have also been blessed by amazing friendships, new experiences, overcome obstacles, and our precious son, Micah.  So, while I cannot say I want to stay in Kentucky, it will be far harder to say goodbye than I ever dreamed possible.  At least we get to take the best of our acquisitions home with us, though there are a few who are fighting to keep him!

A few new items of interest:  We have received our appointment, although I cannot reveal that location at this time.  Check back soon for that tidbit!  If you want a few hints, check out our new family website, Tiger Pause.  We figured we would create a page that had all of our updates and interesting stories in one spot to make it a bit easier to keep track of the family, especially for those of you not on facebook!   While you are there, bookmarking us, you can see Micah’s first photo session.  Below is the family portrait we shot during the session.  And finally, our darling and precocious little boy will be six months old tomorrow.  We can’t believe he has already brought us half a year of joy!  Hope you enjoy and have a wonderfully blessed and beautiful Easter!  He is risen!

Easter Tigers

Aaron, Heather, and Micah