The Tiger Christmas Letter 2008

23 Dec

Heather, Aaron, and Beau

Heather, Aaron, and Beau

We bring you Christmas tidings from Central Kentucky and wish you a Happy New Year!  We are just past the halfway mark of our adventure here in the Bluegrass State and thank you, our family and friends, for your prayer and support for us over the years.  We miss everyone back home, but we have been blessed by many new friends who have helped make our life here, a home.

 Those friends have been the greatest blessing of the past year.  We are a part of a small group with two other seminary couples, the Wendell’s and the Burkhart’s.  We meet on Friday nights (and whenever else we get a chance) and have experienced true community and fellowship.  We all knew that we were meant to be together when our first Friday night lasted for six hours that passed like two!  We look forward to our continued friendship with them and our other friends that we have met here.  We would love to mention even more of these new friends by name, but that would be a long letter!  Give us a call sometime and we’ll tell you all about these incredible people that have enriched and blessed our lives!

                Aaron has now completed 47 of 96 hours towards his Master of Divinity degree at Asbury.  He is on track to graduate in May 2010.  His classes have been exceptional, well most, and he appreciates Asbury’s emphasis on spiritual formation that infiltrates all aspects of the seminary experience.  Some of his favorite classes have been New Testament Introduction, Old Testament Introduction, and Basic Christian Doctrine.  He is planning on taking Greek in January, and after “surviving” Hebrew (with a B) is hoping that this language won’t be all Greek to him! Needless to say your prayers would be appreciated.  He is doing his mentored ministry at Trinity Hill UMC and that has been a positive experience.  Additionally, he is up for candidacy in the United Methodist Church and will be going before the Board of Ordained Ministry in March.  He will then be commissioned as an Elder in May, be expected to finish school and should be appointed to a church (in OK) in 2010.  For the past 16 months he has been a real jerk!  Well, one of the best soda-jerks at Tastebuds, an old-fashioned malt-shop inside Sims Drug Store in Wilmore.  It’s a great place to experience the community of a small town and Aaron’s ready smile and easy conversation is always a treat for the customers

                The transition to Kentucky has been a little more difficult for Heather, but she has started to find her own rhythm here.  She has especially enjoyed hosting people at our house and has thrown wonderfully fun Halloween and Christmas Parties.   Her decorative prowess can be seen throughout the inside and outside of the house and during all seasons.  Heather is working for Central Bank in Nicholasville, which is just a couple of minutes away from our house, which in this economy is a big plus for our gas budget!  She started in June as a part-time teller, and was recently promoted to back-up cash vault teller and has even helped train a new teller!  She has received excellent reviews and really enjoys her co-workers and customers.  This Christmas season, she and her friend, Debbie from work, started a gift wrapping business, Whimsical Wrappings, which she did all the marketing for.   Aaron appreciates Heather’s sacrifice and bread-winning while he focuses on his studies and is looking forward to seeing her pursue her dream of starting an event planning business back in OK.  Heather has also been working out frequently and has lost over 45 lbs in the past year!  We played softball at the seminary last spring, and her ability to pull and crush a softball is still intact and she is looking forward to the new season and hopefully talking her small group into signing up.

                Over the past year, we have had a number of visitors stay with us in our guest suite.  Heather loves getting the home ready for guests and entertaining them while they are here.  Heather’s Mima and her husband Wayne stayed two nights on their way to and from West Virginia.  Aaron’s sister Amy, her husband Brian, and their dog Nikki stayed for almost a week in June to attend the Christian music festival Ichthus with us.  Aaron’s parents stayed for a week in July, while Heather’s parents stayed for a week over Thanksgiving.  It was also great to see Heather’s Aunt Debbie and John who took us out for dinner here recently in December on their way back to Michigan.  Our friend Chris Symes stayed for a few weeks while he moved houses.  He even stayed long enough that Beau stopped barking at him and in return Chris wrote a song about Beau.  It is quite catchy!  We love visitors and would love to see more of our family and friends come and stay with us here in Nicholasville.

                We continued to be big sports fan and our bedlam rivalry has not dimmed down with our distance from Oklahoma.  Following this letter, the winner of the bedlam game (Heather /OU, Aaron/OSU) will get to write the Christmas letter.  Everyone at the bank is fully aware that OU is playing in the National Championship game and that Heather is a huge Sooners fan, and there is even a regular business customer from OK and a fellow Sooner fan!  We have had a few OU football watch parties and have enjoyed spending time with our fellow Okies.  We spend what little free time we have hanging out with friends, watching sports or our favorite TV shows, especially Lost and The Office We also occasionally find time to blog, feel free to check us out at or  Thanks for sharing with us and may the light of Christmas and love of Christ shine in your heart both now and forever more!


Aaron & Heather Tiger


P.S. We chose to do send the Christmas letter this way to be green and to save green!

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    […] The Tiger Christmas Letter 2008Following this letter, the winner of the bedlam game (Heather /OU, Aaron/OSU) will get to write the Christmas letter. Everyone at the bank is fully aware that OU is playing in the National Championship game and that Heather is a huge . […]

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