Abiding in Comfort and Joy

20 Dec


I know it has been awhile since I have written anything; a whole season has passed!  Life has been crazy, busy, overwhelming, entertaining, hopeful, and outstanding.  As I write these words through a haze of exhaustion, I find my mind settling not on those times that have been painful or a struggle, but rather, on the moments of comfort, joy, and peace; quiet in the midst of the storm.

Aaron and I hosted our first KY Christmas party tonight.  (Our last guest, Chris Symes, is actually still sitting on the couch as I type, deep in theological conversation with Aaron.  Seminary students!)  We had 12 of our good friends over, ate good food, laughed, played Two Truths and a Lie and Mafia, took pictures, listened to Aaron’s jokes, sang Christmas songs as Chris played his guitar, and shared wonderful memories.

These are the moments that remind me that we are supposed to be in KY, far from home.  It hasn’t always felt like that, even though I have known God brought us here.  I can’t wait to move back to Oklahoma, but I know that I will dread the day we pull away from this new family of friends that we have grown to know and love.  Sometimes you just fit with people as if it has always been.  We have been blessed to find these rare treasures, particularly in the Burkharts and Wendells. 

Brittany & Bill Wendell, Emily & Chris Burkhart, Me & Aaron

Brittany & Bill Wendell, Emily & Chris Burkhart, Me & Aaron

Us and these two couples, Chris and Emily Burkhart and Bill and Brittany Wendell, make up our Friday night small group, though I don’t think that title describes us.  For someone like me who craves family time, traditions, and memories, these four people have been a Godsend, but He didn’t stop there.  God has steadily enriched our lives with new friends that each add more color and fullness to our lives, and each person is a unique dimension of friendship and connection.  From the 49ers to the Sooners, decorating to dessert, The Office to Lost, preaching to pastoring, each person is the perfect piece to what was a very scattered and jumbled picture less than a year ago. 

So I will take this exhaustion as a blessing rather than a curse because it has been energy well spent.  My body may be tired, but my soul is well rested in the comfort of God’s love that surrounds us every day in the form of friends.  Thank you and we love you.

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