Soundtrack of Life

25 Jul

What would define a life-changing moment for you?  If we all lived in a movie, we would have our own personal soundtrack playing as we lived our lives.  Some moments need a strong overture of instruments while others, a simple melody.  I don’t think movies would be the same without the scores that guide our emotions through the story. 

Is it strange that I sometimes have a soundtrack running in my head that guides me through my own story?  Sometimes it’s soft, sweet songs that speak of a life running smoothly.  Other times, there may be more of an edge, a deeper rhythm that stirs the soul and points the way through struggles, complications, and uncertainties. 

Whenever I think back on my life, I always find myself thinking of the songs that were with me at a certain time.  Recalling a lyric, a melody, or a beat moves my memories from the past to the present.

What’s playing in your life now?

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