Tears From Heather

2 Jul

Yes, the title of this post is supposed to sound familiar.  I ripped it straight from one of the greatest songs of all time, Eric Clapton’s Tears in Heaven. 

Aaron and I were catching up on our DVR’d shows and while watching Nashville Star, I went to Youtube to have Aaron hear the original version of, I’ll Still Be Loving You, which the contestant group Pearl Heart attempted to perform.  While contently listening to the correct version of the song I saw that numerous Clapton videos were cross-listed.  My fingers instinctively clicked on Tears.

My tears came when the music began to fill our living room and I asked Aaron if he knew what he was listening to.  I think my heart stopped for a moment as his response came, “I recognize it.”  Excuse me as I grab another tissue. 

Could this be?  Could my husband not know the depth of Claptonness?  Believe me, my darling Aaron is a talented, extraordinary man, but I knew it was my duty to give him a quick tutorial, covering some highlights and even a few lesser known Clapton factoids, such as how it was Clapton’s donation of his guitar to the original Hard Rock Cafe in Hyde Park, London and subsequent donation of a friendly rival’s own donation that began the now famous HRC memoribilia decor.  I know, pretty cool! 

I of course went to Wikipedia, the source of all pop culture knowledge and more, to garner Aaron’s education.  After extensive reading, and long after Aaron’s attention had drifted back to ESPN, I came to a greater realization of something that makes Eric Clapton one of the greats; he is an extraordinarily gifted musician and a ordinary man seeking God’s grace.

You can wiki Clapton yourself to read all the details of his tremendous, tragic, and travailing life, which is still moving forward in success.  What caught my heart was his obvious struggle between the spirit and the flesh.  So many of his songs speak directly of God and the peace and hope offered, yet we also bear witness to the raw reality of sin and the daily struggle to live within grace. 

If we would only live each moment loving God with the same passion we reserve for our moment of greatness.  So, I can wipe any tears away, having full confidence in a God whose grace is enough for each moment, and take comfort and joy in knowing that Aaron knows this by heart.



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