Mini Cooper

4 Apr


 I just got done reading the blogs of Carol and Keith Cooper, two very close friends of Aaron and I.  Carol was Aaron’s youth director when he was in high school.  They were both in our wedding as attendants and are both two people we look up to very much.  Their friendship is something we truly treasure, and now we also have the pleasure of seeing their warmth, devotion, and incredible love extend to their first son, William Eliot Cooper.  Will will be 1 in May; time flies!  I don’t have a recent picture of Keith, but if you add a beard to Will, you get an idea of what he looks like! 

If you have not read either of their blogs, I encourage you to click on them (in my links), and spend a few moments with them.  Your soul will thank you.  Carol’s blog often reflects on her new role as mother, and is as endearing as she is.  Keith, who is a writer, takes a look at his love for sports, salt!, and most recently a very moving post honoring his late mother’s memory.  I hope you take my advice and click on over, and may God use their words to bless your hearts, as He has mine. 

Thank you Coopers.

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