Meet Kevin Johnson (Lost episode 4.8) He was Lost, but now is Found! (updated)

19 Mar

It is late, but I want to leave the night asking a few questions concerning the upcoming episode of LOST on ABC.  Meet Kevin Johnson, will be a Michael, yes that Michael, centric episode for those who did not watch last week or who have not seen a preview.  We now know the Oceanic 6 and were left stunned after last week’s shocking twist.  I don’t want to completely ruin it for those who aren’t caught up, so if you are not: Either Close Your Eyes, or STOP READING!

A few thoughts and questions to ponder until after tomorrow’s much anticipated episode.

I’ve updated with a few questions after viewing 4.8

  • Is Jin really dead, or just LOST dead?  What happened and why is Hurley the one to come to see Sun and Ji Yeon?
  • What was the purpose of the flash forward and flashback?
  • Why did Regina really jump ship?
  • Why is the captain so darn creepy?
  • So I’m 99.9% sure that Michael is Ben’s man on the boat, and that this has to do with protecting Walt, but why, why, why?
  • Where is Walt, besides randomly appearing to Locke?
  • Why did Michael change his do’?
  • Where did Frank do with the helicopter?
  • Does anyone else want to slap Charlotte Staples Lewis?  Other than Juliette?
  • Juliette told Sun she had three weeks to get off the island before she kicks the bucket.  This means that we have 2 episodes plus tomorrow night to see how this plays out, since we know she and Jin (or his body) get off the island.
  • Why is Jack acting so calm (relatively) when he usually reacts somewhat aggressively, and he knows something is amiss?
  • How long before Sawyer sneaks into Ben’s pad and uses him as a punching bad to vent his frustration over Kate?
  • How long before Ben escapes?
  • What has Miles been doing this whole time with the grenade in his mouth?
  • What does Charles Widmore, Penny’s dear old dad, really want with the island and with Ben?
  • Who are Frank, Daniel, Miles, Charlotte, and dear departed Naomi really working for?  Other than creepy Abaddon guy.
  • Why won’t they just give us some answers?  Just throw us a bone! 
  • Was Libby extremely creepy, or was that just me?
  • Is the bomb really fake or will Michael use it later?
  • Did anyone else feel like the script was less than up to par on Meet Kevin Johnson?  Felt like they either hadn’t acted in months, or the writers lost their touch on this one.  I mean, really, Sawyer, “Excuse me?”  He would not say that.  Or Ben’s, “Welcome to the good guys,” line?  Even Ben is not that bad.
  • Did Sayid make a mistake in blowing Michael’s (Kevin’s) cover?
  • Why didn’t Desmond speak much?  Lovesick still?
  • Did anyone catch what The Temple’s dharma logo was? 
  • Did Ben set Alex, Karl, and Rousseau up?
  • Does anyone other than Alex and Sawyer care that Karl is goners?
  • Is Rousseau playing dead?  (I don’t think she is dead)
  • Or attacked the threesome?
  • Why does Mr. Friendly have to be so friendly?
  • What will we do until April 24th?!!!!!!!

That should keep you busy for a few moments.  Check out these sites for more intriguing LOST info and theories, and unaswered questions.

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